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This is the first of two books serving as an expanded and up-dated version of Windows Server 2003 Security Infrastructures for Windows 2003 Server R2 and SP1 & SP2. The authors choose to encompass this material within two books in order to illustrate the intricacies of the different paths used to secure MS Windows server networks. Since its release in 2003 the Microsoft Exchange server has had two important updates, SP1 and SP2. SP1, allows users to increase their security, reliability and simplify the administration of the program. Within SP1, Microsoft has implemented R2 which improves identity and access management across security-related boundaries. R2 also improves branch office server management and increases the efficiency of storage setup and management. The second update, SP2 minimizes spam, pop-ups and unwanted downloads. These two updated have added an enormous amount of programming security to the server software. * Covers all SP1 and SP2 updates * Details strategies for patch management * Provides key techniques to maintain security application upgrades and updates
Advanced Windows Security Services, is the second of two books, which continue to supply insights into the security features and security infrastructure components of the Windows Server 2003 operating system. The books also highlight the security principles an architect should remember when designing a secure Windows Server 2003 infrastructure. This second book focuses on the security updates provided as part of Windows Server 2003 Service Pack 1 and the Windows Server 2003 R2 release. The book is split into two separate parts to better illustrate Windows Security Fundamentals and Advanced Windows Security Services. The first part focusing on Windows security concepts and authentication and authorization services and the second focusing on Windows identity management, public key infrastructure and security management services. · Straight forward approach to setting up and maintaining a secure server environment with MS Windows Server 2003 R2 and SP1 and SP2
The Ultimate Book on Group Policy Freshly updated to include Windows 7, Windows 8 and WindowsServer 2012, Group Policy: Fundamentals, Security, and theManaged Desktop, Second Edition is the book for learningeverything you need to know about Group Policy, no matter whichversion of Windows you use. Microsoft Group Policy MVP JeremyMoskowitz covers it all—major Group Policy categories, whatWindows 8 and Windows Server 2012 bring to the table, and smartways to tackle tough desktop management problems. Topics includetroubleshooting, security, scripting, using Windows PowerShell whennecessary, and much more. Inside this book, you'll learn to: Master all Group Policy functions of Windows, including WindowsXP through Windows 8 and Windows Server 2003 through Windows Server2012 Enhance your Group Policy reach with the Group PolicyPreferences, ADMX files, and additional add-ons Use every feature of the GPMC and become a top-notchadministrator Troubleshoot Group Policy using tools, logs, Resource Kitutilities, Registry hacks, and third-party tools Manage printers, restrict hardware, and configure InternetExplorer Deploy software to your desktops, set up roaming profiles, andconfigure Offline Files for all your Windows clients—andmanage it all with Group Policy settings Secure your desktops and servers with AppLocker, WindowsFirewall with Advanced Security, and the Security ConfigurationManager Download bonus chapters and: Script complex GPMC operations with PowerShell, includinglinking, backup, restore, permissions changes, and more Create a "change management" system with Advanced Group PolicyManagement (AGPM v4) Understand Windows Intune service and its relationship to GroupPolicy Coverage Includes: Updated GPMC New Windows 8 GPMC Features ADMX/ADML Files Group Policy Preferences Item-Level Targeting The Central Store AppLocker Fine-Grained Password Policy Offline Files Updates Inheritance Blocking Prioritization Linking Loopback Policy Processing Security Policy Processing Enforcing WMI Filters Third-Party Tools Cross-Forest Trusts Filters Commenting Searching Advanced Logging and Troubleshooting Advanced Auditing Controls Group Policy and VDI Security Configuration Manager Windows Intune
Building on the success of his Microsoft Exchange Server 200324seven, Jim McBee has fully updated Microsoft ExchangeServer 2003 Advanced Administration for Microsoft ExchangeServer 2003 SP2 and Windows Server 2003 R2. Starting where documentation, training courses, and other booksleave off, McBee offers targeted instruction, practical advice, andinsider tips. He covers security, connectivity, anti-spamprotection, disaster recovery, and troubleshooting using aninformational and common sense approach that will save you time,improve efficiency, and optimize your day-to-day operations. You'll find: What you need to know about Exchange Server 2003 data storageand security. Real-world scenarios that focus on practical applications. Advice for managing interactions with Active Directory. Updates on mobile e-mail, including seamless Direct Pushtechnologies, and enhancements to device security. The latest protections against spam, including updated ExchangeIntelligent Message Filter and new support for Sender ID e-mailauthentication. Deployment guidelines for Outlook Web Access. Information on what it takes to support POP3 and IMAP4 clientsin the field. Part of the In the Field Results series. This seriesprovides seasoned systems administrators with advanced tools,knowledge, and real-world skills to use on the job. Going beyondwhat the standard documentation or classroom training provides,these practical guides address the real situations IT professionalsface every day, offering streamlined solutions to improveproductivity.
Working with Microsoft's network directory service for the first time can be a headache for system and network administrators, IT professionals, technical project managers, and programmers alike. This authoritative guide is meant to relieve that pain. Instead of going through the graphical user interface screen by screen, O'Reilly's bestselling Active Directory tells you how to design, manage, and maintain a small, medium, or enterprise Active Directory infrastructure. Fully updated to cover Active Directory for Windows Server 2003 SP1 and R2, this third edition is full of important updates and corrections. It's perfect for all Active Directory administrators, whether you manage a single server or a global multinational with thousands of servers. Active Directory, 3rd Edition is divided into three parts. Part I introduces much of how Active Directory works, giving you a thorough grounding in its concepts. Some of the topics include Active Directory replication, the schema, application partitions, group policies, and interaction with DNS. Part II details the issues around properly designing the directory infrastructure. Topics include designing the namespace, creating a site topology, designing group policies for locking down client settings, auditing, permissions, backup and recovery, and a look at Microsoft's future direction with Directory Services. Part III covers how to create and manipulate users, groups, printers, and other objects that you may need in your everyday management of Active Directory. If you want a book that lays bare the design and management of an enterprise or departmental Active Directory, then look no further. Active Directory, 3rd Edition will quickly earn its place among the books you don't want to be without.
Get the In-depth coverage of SP1 and R2 you've been waiting for from one of the world's leading Windows authorities. Picking up where Mastering Windows Server 2003 left off, expert Mark Minasi (winner of Reader's Choice Award for Favorite Technical Author for the 4th year in a row!) and his co-authors return with a much-anticipated Upgrade Edition that delivers exactly the information you need. Their clear, hands-on instruction thoroughly covers features and changes that have been largely undocumented in the marketplace -- from SP1's critical security enhancements to R2's new management/administration tools, enhanced print controls, and more. If you manage, maintain, or depend on Windows Server 2003, this is the book you've been waiting for! Coverage includes: Getting and installing SP1 Hiding folders from prying eyes with ABE De-worming Windows? with Data Execution Prevention (DEP) Solving SP1/R2 incompatibilities Stopping spyware and locking up ports Stopping mobile thieves by blocking USB memory sticks Upgrading to R2 and getting to know its GUI Understanding R2's new Print Management Console Controlling folder usage with quotas and more Integrating Unix and Windows Working with Active Directory Coverage Focused Specifically on Critical SP1 and R2 Updates

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