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Endowed with great natural gifts, enjoying excellent health, a powerful voice, combined with great eloquence, an admirable delivery, a perfect knowledge of the Scriptures and theology, he was, soon after his ordination, sent to preach in France, Italy and Portugal. Aeterna Press
The reputation of the wonders and miracles performed by St. Anthony of Padua found its place in the first biographies devoted to him. Among these was The Book of Miracles which the Franciscan Arnaud de Serranne, provincial of Aquitaine in the 14th century, included in his Chronicles of the beginning of the Order of Friars Minor, and from which are drawn these Fioretti. This widespread work was the main inspiration for the iconography of St. Anthony, of which a few examples highlight this book. As for the wonders themselves related here, if they appeal to a sensitivity different from ours, nonetheless they are proof of a candor, of a poetry and sincerity that have preserved a moving freshness.
PART I. MIRACLES WORKED DURING THE LIFE OF ST. ANTHONY. 1 The Miracle of Tongues 7 2 Dumb Animals Obey the Saint 8 3 The Sermon to the Fishes at Rimini 9 4 Why St. Anthony is Invoked for Lost and Mislaid Things 13 5 A Messenger from Hell Unmasked 15 6 The Consoler of Mothers 16 7 The Rain respects the Friend of the Saints 17 8 An Extraordinary Prophecy 18 9 St. Anthony the Consoler of Persecuted Women 20 10 Truth from the Lips of a Little Child 21 11 Broken Goblet and Running Barrel 23 12 The Carved Capon 25 13 The Apparition of the Holy Child. 25 14 Flight to Lisbon 28 15 St. Anthony Again Rescues His Father 30 16 Where Your Treasure Is, There Also is Your Heart 32 17 St. Anthony Cures a Cripple 34 18 Bilocation of the Saint 35 19 Wind and Rain Obey St. Anthony 35 20 Zeal for the Word of God 37 21 The Saint's Sermon is Heard at a Great Distance 38 22 Cure of a Paralyzed Child 39 23 A Martyr's Death Predicted 40 24 Death of St. Anthony. 40 PART II. MIRACLES WORKED AFTER THE DEATH OF ST. ANTHONY. 25 A Skull Injured 42 26 The Picture of St. Anthony 43 27 In Company with St. Anthony 43 28 Boys Playing in a Mill Stream 44 29 Back from Paradise 45 30 Assassins Frightened 46 31 A Strong Shield 47 32 Dragged by a Mule 48 33 A Scoffer Changed into an Admirer 49 34 A Glass as Hard as a Rock 50 35 A Wish Granted 51 36 A Poor Clare Cured 52 37 Places Exchanged 53 38 "Do You Know Me?" 55 39 A Son Restored to His Parents 56 40 Gangrene Cured 57 41 "Take Courage" 58 42 A Good Name Restored 59 43 A Lunatic Cured 60 44 A Happy Death Obtained 61 45 Crushed by the Fall of a Tree 62 46 Marriage Portion 63 47 Saved from Suicide 63 48 Great Harvest 66 49 The Storm Ceases and the Sea Becomes Calm 67 50 "She is All Right Now" 68 51 The Beacon 69 52 The Singer in the Boat 70 53 Chains as an Altar Decoration 70 54 St. Anthony is Never Invoked in Vain 72 55 King Charles II of England 73 56 The Grateful Captain 74 57 A Child Stolen 75 58 Erysipelas Cured through invoking St. Anthony 75 59 The Bishop's Ring 76 60 The Manuscript Ready for the Press 77 61 Heard during Mass 78 62 An Ant employed as Porter 79 63 Returned at Midnight 80 64 The Victorious Admiral 82 65 Saved from the Scaffold 84 66 A Choirmaster without Employment 91 67 A Costly Ex Voto 92 68 The Franciscan Church of St. Anthony in the Tyrol 93 PART III. PETITIONS GRANTED IN MORE MODERN TIMES 69 Saved from Eternal Damnation 96 70 St. Anthony Converts an Officer 97 71 The Heathen Baptized on His Death-bed 100 72 St. Anthony assists Poor Nuns 101 73 Honor Vindicated 102 74 St. Anthony assists all Those Who Invoke Him 102 75 Saved from Drowning 103 76 Preserved from Fire 104 77 St. Anthony's Protection 105 78 Saved from Shipwreck and other Difficulties 106 79 St. Anthony Finds Lost People 108 80 A Mistake in Reckoning Discovered 109 81 The Lost Railway Ticket 109 82 The Lost Document 110 83 Clearsighted 113 84 Found Again 115 85 Seven Hundred Francs Recovered 117 86 Paper Money Returned 117 87 The Valuable Sketch 118 88 From Caffraria 119 89 The Stolen Watch 121 90 "See, the Watch is Found!" 122 91 St. Anthony is Ever Ready to assist 123 92 Striking Combination of Circumstances 126 93 Pilgrimage to St. Anthony's Church at Oberachern 127 94 Sickness Yields to the Intercession of St. Anthony of Padua 129 95 Incontestable Miracle 130 96 Praise be to God and His Holy Servant Anthony 132 97 Prompt Assistance 133 98 Paralysis Cured 134 99 A Needle Swallowed 135 100 St. Anthony Bestows the Gift of Medical Penetration 136 101 Swelling of the Throat Cured 138 102 How St. Anthony Listens to His Clients 139 103 The Signet Ring 140 104 The Wedding Ring 141 105 The Thread in the Water 142 106 Three Examples of Lost Money Found 143 And More!
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Maurice Maeterlinck, a frankophone Belgian playwright and poet from Ghent (1862 - 1949), is famous for his Symbolist plays The Blue Bird, Monna Vanna and Pelleas and Melisande. The Miracle of Saint Anthony (1903) is one of his satirical masterpieces. Maeterlinck won the Nobel Prize in literature in 1911.
Charles Warren Stoddard St. Anthony of Padua - lector, orator, contemplative, wonder-worker - is considered to be the most popular Saint in the Catholic Church. He was of French descent, from Portugal, but worked in Italy as a Franciscan priest. Renowned for his incredible miracles - including preaching to the fish when people would not listen to him - he is most famous as "The Patron Saint of Lost Objects," but he bears many other great titles, e.g., Doctor of the Church, Hammer of Heretics, Storehouse of Sacred Scripture, Father of Mystic Theology, Ark of Both Testaments, Champion of the Sacred Heart, Apostle of Mary's Assumption, Protector of Seafarers and Patron of a Bountiful Harvest. St. Bonaventure said of him that "He possessed the science of the Angels, the faith of the Patriarchs, the foreknowledge of the Prophets, the zeal of the Apostles, the purity of virgins, the austerities of confessors, and the heroism of martyrs." In all, one will search hard in the annals of the Saints to find a more fascinating and inspiring life than that of St. Anthony of Padua.

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