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Mitsy and Marty Mouse Visit Grandpa shares a powerful and vivid lesson about caring for the needs and feelings of others. As two fun little mice visit their grandfather, they learn the importance of compassion and the value of family and love. Children readily identify with Mitsy and Marty as they are reminded to put into practice what they have been taught.
"Who Loves You The Most Of All" shares a mother and child’s bedtime conversation on the topic of one of life’s sweetest and most important questions. Join Joshie and Mommy on a journey of the heart to discover just WHO loves him the most of all. "Who Loves You The Most Of All" will connect children to the Source of All Love for the rest of their lives.
"In 'Why do people die?' your child will learn that when sin became a part of humanity, death became necessary for Jesus Christ to redeem mankind"--Page [4] of cover.
Even after bad luck had taken Mike's sight, he still enjoyed an adventure. In one of them, he helped with a ski race with blind skiers. These days, he likes to say, "You might think skiing without sight is tough, but we had the hard part, since we told them where to turn." Then, he laughs and adds. "That meant standing on a ski slope with blind racers headed right for us." His adventures and jokes help many people work through bad luck, not just blind folks. This book is based on real events in Minnesota and begins when Mike attends a school for blind adults. A simple lesson is cooking without sight. A challenging lesson is about finding work. Mike learns that adults with low vision have a low chance of returning to work, which becomes his biggest hope. He wants to find a job again, so he can own a house again. He meets many good people at the school, but some cry more than they used to. Others laugh more, and a few compete in downhill ski racing. In this book, all of them help Mike work through bad luck and blindness.
One day, a little boy, who is fascinated by the moon, notices that it is no longer round but "croissant" shaped, and sets out to learn about how the moon changes shape.
Liliana Loretta LaRue Needs assistance locating her shoe. Every day of the week Help her search, help her seek. Tell Larue if you do find her shoe! The library, the zoo, the grocery store- the charming watercolor illustrations and rhythmic verses take you to a new neighborhood locale each day of the week where little Liliana Loretta loses her shoe. You can help find it hidden on each page. Young children will delight in the pictures while beginning readers will love the rhymes that help them read. Children will ask to hear this story over and over again, never tiring of hearing the rhymes and finding the hidden shoe.
Shoo is a blackbird with a bad wing. When teased by the other blackbirds, he befriends lonely little Noah who shares his after school cookie with Shoo and they quickly become friends. When Shoo learns Noah has to move to Allentown, he decides to fly there, because he doesn’t want Noah to be alone. However, because of his bad wing, Shoo cannot fly all the way to Allentown. He meets Sergeant Brave in Ocean City, a highly decorated rescue pigeon recently retired from the Coast Guard. Although blackbirds and pigeons are not supposed to speak to each other or get along, Sergeant Brave is inspired by Shoo's story of friendship with Noah and decides to take up the journey to find Noah and be his new friend in Allentown. Come fly with Sergeant Brave as the pigeons continue the journey to find Noah, be his new friend and share the after school cookie.

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