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Produced by cartoonists Jon Link & Mick Bunnage this book allows people to channel inner peace and a mindful state whilst colouring in images of mindless violence and vandalism, all carried out by a dedicated cast of suited men and women. Includes images of a man bending a lampost, a woman attacking a sapling with a baseball bat, a group of men fighting over a parking space plus many more scenes of contemporary life much of it set against a backdrop of complex geometric patterns ideal for colouring in.
Modern Toss are publishing their third in a series of adult colouring books. Following the success of the 'Mindless Violence' colouring book, 'Mindlessness' taps into the therapeutic benefits and mindful state that colouring in pictures can produce. Follow a cast of absent minded men and women as they explore what happens when a series of everyday tasks are approached with a completely empty mind.
Produced by cartoonists Jon Link & Mick Bunnage this book captures the essence of the modern workplace, while offering the opportunity to express yourself through the relaxing medium of colouring in. Includes images of a man flagging an important email, someone taking an afternoon malteser break, a group of workers looking at meal deal options in the supermarket, a woman picking the skin off a coffee with a paper clip plus many more classic everyday contemporary work scenes, all captioned throughout by the authors.
A no-holds-barred collection of comic illustrations inspired by the popular UK television series celebrates the humorous intersection between the obscenities thought by everyday people and what they actually say out loud. Original. 25,000 first printing.
The first in an illustrated dictionary series, this book identifies and defines - with new words and phrases - a random pisspot of contemporary social phenomena which has so far gone unnamed. The ear grease on a smart phone screen, wearing a hat that makes you look like even more of a tit, the DNA rich stew in the bogs hand dryer trough, paying extra money to sit in a plane before the rest of the passengers. This invaluable tool for navigating the 21st century shitscape is printed on paper, rendering it impervious to cyber attack.
(Ephesians 6:3-4 "Fathers do not incite anger in your children, by the way you treat them) (The Best Adult coloring book on the market) This Adult coloring book is just full of stuff that only adults can enjoy, from violent images, to sexuality, dark cartoons, comics, scary clowns, day of the dead skeletons, naked women, witches, vampires, and all the negative kind of stuff they won't let you talk about or express. Mostly inspired by the 1980's, this form of art is dying and is rejuvenated in this book for your coloring pleasure. This is as decadent as it gets. I hope you enjoy. (also a great artbook at that)(Includes art from 1998 to 2013)
Let this book help you find peace with the challenges that surround you. Because they are f*cking everywhere. We all have an inner voice. Sometimes it's just not quite as serene as we'd like. Based on the viral video that had everyone from yogis to workaholics raving, F*ck That is the completely truthful and oddly tranquil guide to achieving your inner peace. From the Hardcover edition.

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