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The blockbuster phenomenon that charts an amazing journey of the mind while revolutionizing our concept of memory An instant bestseller that is poised to become a classic, Moonwalking with Einstein recounts Joshua Foer's yearlong quest to improve his memory under the tutelage of top "mental athletes." He draws on cutting-edge research, a surprising cultural history of remembering, and venerable tricks of the mentalist's trade to transform our understanding of human memory. From the United States Memory Championship to deep within the author's own mind, this is an electrifying work of journalism that reminds us that, in every way that matters, we are the sum of our memories. From the Trade Paperback edition.
Kings and queens, British prime ministers, American presidents, countries of Europe... We should all know these things - but like me, you're probably resigned to being the kind of person that just never will. Now Grandmaster of Memory Ed Cooke offers up his memory secrets with a fun, quick and completely unforgettable way to remember the things you thought you never could. But this is no boring Willy, Willy, Harry, Ste. With Ed leading the way on unlikely adventures through people and places, Abraham Lincoln may become a circle of bra-wearing hams linking arms in your mind, and you may well encounter a fridge wearing Calvin Klein underpants. You could also soon find yourself rattling off the prime ministers to a rapt audience and adding, in a knowing tone, 'ah yes, Marquess of Rockingham, Whig I believe?'. What is for sure is that you’ll be bursting with knowledge that will stick in your mind and impress your friends for ever.
First Published in 1999. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.
Never forget a name or a number again! Dominic O'Brien is legendary for winning the World Memory Championship eight times and outwitting the casinos of Las Vegas to win a fortune at blackjack. Here, for the first time, he reveals his secrets for memory mastery. Follow his brain-boosting techniques and turn your mind into a super-powered computer that will recall PIN numbers with ease, remember directions, and help bring you success in business, leisure, and relationships.
For students aged 14 up and professionals who need to memorise a lot of information * based upon a most user-friendly and flexible NUMBER-LETTER CODE COMPATIBLE WITH THAT OF MEMORY MASTER DOMINIC O'BRIEN, whose books HOW TO DEVELOP A BRILLIANT MEMORY WEEK BY WEEK (my first choice of the two) or YOU CAN HAVE AN AMAZING MEMORY combined with MEMORY PALACE DEFINITIVE would cover most memory improvement techniques * immediately usable and full coding possibilities for up to 1,000 "Locations" (including all US states and the world's countries) and many suggestions for up to 10,000 for use in memorising multiple texts of over 1,000 pages in length, year dates, extensive numerical lists such as the periodic table etc. * 10 example "journeys" of 100 "stages" each for immediate use in memorising strings of text, speeches, multiple decks of playing cards etc. * thoroughly researched lists of acronyms for use in other memory systems * how to use wasteful browsing habits to make often dry study more interesting and easy * improve vocabulary and general knowledge * thorough, tested for my favorite techniques and page-referenced bibliography covering most areas of memorisation for study, profession and leisure * tips on making the most of intelligence * "very good ... a super guide to how the Memory Palace works with a great many easy to follow examples" - Brian Page, British MENSA magazine, July 2012 ; "thank you for writing this book. It explains one system with clear words" - Sven Wentzel, World Wide Brain Club (Yahoo Group) * Facebook Community page: MEMORY PALACE DEFINITIVE (117 "Likes" to date)You may also preview and purchase my eBook co-authored with Phil Chambers, HOW TO REMEMBER EQUATIONS AND FORMULAE, available here: and in a Kindle edition from most Amazon sites, at Apple's iTunes bookstore, live on Google Play and at Apple's iTunes bookstore. Our GCSE adaptation is also available at all the preceding outlets except Google Play
This New York Times bestseller is a myth-shattering exploration of the powerful connections between mental illness and leadership. Historians have long puzzled over the apparent mental instability of great and terrible leaders alike: Napoleon, Lincoln, Churchill, Hitler, and others. In A First-Rate Madness, Nassir Ghaemi, director of the Mood Disorders Programme at Tufts Medical Center, offers and sets forth a controversial, compelling thesis: the very qualities that mark those with mood disorders also make for the best leaders in times of crisis. From the importance of Lincoln's "depressive realism" to the lacklustre leadership of exceedingly sane men as Neville Chamberlain, A First-Rate Madness overturns many of our most cherished perceptions about greatness and the mind.
“A deeply moving account of amnesia that . . . reminds us how we are all always trying to find a version of ourselves that we can live with.” —Los Angeles Times On October 17, 2002, David MacLean “woke up” on a train platform in India with no idea who he was or why he was there. No money. No passport. No identity. Taken to a mental hospital by the police, MacLean then started to hallucinate so severely he had to be tied down. He could remember song lyrics, but not his family, his friends, or the woman he was told he loved. The illness, it turned out, was the result of a commonly prescribed antimalarial medication he had been taking. Upon his return to the United States, he struggled to piece together the fragments of his former life. In this “mesmerizing, unsettling memoir about the ever-echoing nature of identity—written in vivid, blooming detail,” he tells the harrowing, absurd, and unforgettable story of his journey back to himself (Gillian Flynn, author of Gone Girl). “[MacLean] is an exceedingly entertaining psychotic. . . . [A] raw, honest and beautiful memoir.” —The New York Times “If bad things are going to happen, we are lucky when they happen to someone with the wit, humanity and sweetness—to say nothing of an eye for detail and a gift for pacing—that MacLean brings to this wrenching tale. . . . Readers who flip open the book will find MacLean, preserved between pages, goofy and serious, lost and found.” —Chicago Tribune “[MacLean] writes eloquently about the bizarre and disturbing experience of having his sense of self erased and then reconstructed from scratch.” —The New Yorker

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