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From an award-winning neuroscience researcher with twenty yearsof teaching experience, Multiple Pathways to the StudentBrain uses educator-friendly language to explain how the brainlearns. Steering clear of “neuro-myths,” Dr. JanetZadina discusses multiple brain pathways for learning andprovides practical advice for creating a brain-compatibleclassroom. While there are an abundance of books and workshops that aim tointegrate education and brain science, educators are seldom givenconcrete, actionable advice that makes a difference in theclassroom. Multiple Pathways to the Student Brain bridgesthat divide by providing examples of strategies forday-to-day instruction aligned with the latest brain science. The book explains not only the sensory/motor pathways that arefamiliar to most educators (visual, auditory, and kinesthetic), italso explores the lesser known pathways--reward/survival, language,social, emotional, frontal lobe, and memory/attention--and how theycan be tapped to energize and enhance instruction. Educators are forever searching for new and improved ways toconvey information and inspire curiosity, and research suggeststhat exploiting different pathways may have a major effect onlearning. Multiple Pathways to the Student Brain allowsreaders to see brain science through the eyes of ateacher—and teaching through the eyes of a brainscientist.
Curriculum Leadership by Middle Leaders focusses on major issues relating to the continuing national and international discourse on curriculum leadership, and highlights the vital role of middle leaders in schools. School leadership has focused primarily on first-order change involving school leaders or principals. This book seeks to put the spotlight on second-order change that involves curriculum leadership and professional development support on the part of middle leaders for more sustainable and long-term change in teaching and learning that will influence what happens in classrooms. With timely and thought-provoking contribution from authors who pursue a range of scholarly interests in multiple educational settings, the book is guided by several underlying questions: How might we re-envision curriculum leadership so that it addresses both local and global concerns and aspirations? How might we better grasp how middle leaders understand and respond to the pressures of educational reform initiatives? How might middle leaders transform pressures into possibilities? This book will appeal to current teachers, those currently undertaking teacher training and students or academics carrying out research in the field of educational leadership.
This book provides everything you need to get started with visual notetaking. Tools, inspiration, how to start, ways to practice, and ways to continue learning. It provides the research behind the benefits of using this tool for your own learning, as well as with your students. This note taking technique can be used by K-12 educators and beyond. The information is applicable to all grade levels and subject areas. The business world has been utilizing this technique for years, it’s time for education to jump on the bandwagon and make the most of creativity to help us learn, understand, and remember.
Innerer Schweinehund ade Die Überwindung des inneren Schweinehundes scheint fast immer nur mit eiserner Selbstbeherrschung erreichbar. Doch Kelly McGonigal zeigt, dass Willenskraft allein eine Frage des richtigen Energiemanagements ist. Mit der Einsicht in die inneren Mechanismen, durch ausreichend Regeneration, etwas Training und das Setzen von Prioritäten kann man lernen, das eigene Leben im Griff zu haben, ohne sich übermäßig anstrengen zu müssen.
Was, wenn man NICHT einer der Außerwählten ist, wie sie immer in den Büchern beschrieben werden? Wenn man nicht der Held ist, der sonst üblicherweise die Zombies bekämpft, oder die Seelenesser oder was immer gerade das nächste unheilbringende Wesen sein mag, das die Welt bedroht. Was, wenn man einer ist wie Mikey? Der einfach nur seinen Abschluss hinbekommen möchte und zum Schulball gehen und vielleicht irgendwann den Mut aufbringen, Henna um ein Date zu bitten – bevor irgendjemand die Schule in Schutt und Asche legt. Wieder mal. Denn manchmal gibt es stinknormale Probleme, die echt wichtiger sind als der nächste Weltuntergang, und angesichts derer man erkennt, dass das eigene ganz normale Leben absolut einzigartig und außergewöhnlich ist.

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