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The new Eighth Edition of the Music Business Handbook and Career Guide maintains the tradition of this classic text as the most comprehensive, up-to-date guide to the $100 billion music industry. This new Eighth Edition expands on hot-button music business issues such as digital downloads, piracy, and record company transformations. Thoroughly revised, the Eighth Edition shares a particular emphasis on online music and its impact on the rest of the industry. The Eighth Edition also includes complete coverage of all aspects of the music industry, including songwriting, publishing, licensing, artist management, promotion, retailing, media, and much more.
Author David Baskerville, Ph.D., gives a detailed, comprehensive look at how the music business really works today. Winner of the Deems Taylor ASCAP Award for outstanding books on music, this book is a text in nearly 200 universities. Written in an informal style, it offers concise, practical information on career possibilities, including qualifications & employment prospects for many music & music-related careers. Topics include: songwriting, publishing, copyright, business affairs such as music licensing, unions, agents, managers, attorneys. The book covers artist management, concert promotion, music merchandising & arts administration. A section on the record industry has chapters on record markets, recording contracts, record production & record promotion, distribution & merchandising. Many aspects of music in broadcasting are covered. Information on the Canadian music industry is included as well as copyright in foreign countries. The author's background includes experience as an instrumentalist, composer & conductor in Hollywood, as well as a consultant to the entertainment industry, & an educator at the University of Colorado, Denver. Contains many illustrations, sample forms & an index, glossary & list of professional organizations. Order from: Sherwood Publishing, P.O. Box 4198, Thousand Oaks, CA 91359.
Music Business: The Key Concepts is a comprehensive guide to the terminology commonly used in the music business today. It embraces definitions from a number of relevant fields, including: general business marketing e-commerce intellectual property law economics entrepreneurship In an accessible A-Z format and fully cross-referenced throughout, this book is essential reading for music business students as well as those interested in the music industry.
Offering straightforward information and insights for musicians of all level of experience, a thoroughly revised handbook provides up-to-date guidelines on music industry trends, details on pricing and legal issues in the digital age, how-to tips for do-it-yourself and independent musicians, and tips on royalties, advances, live performances, merchandising, and more. Original.
Succeeding in Music: Business Chops for Performers and Songwriters.
Defines terms relating to the television and film industries and discusses career opportunities, associations, trends, technology, business practices, companies, history and other topics

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