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Must-See Japan is your up-to-date and concise guide for discovering the best sights, the most delicious foods and the essential must-do activities in this fascinating and complex country. Written by someone who has spent to close to 10 years living in and travelling all around the country, this book is full of inside information to help you discover some of the best things on offer, from popular tourist attractions to hidden gems most tourists miss.Offering detailed itineraries for trips lasting a few days to a couple of weeks, this guide will help you plan every detail of your stay in Japan. Must-See Japan includes: * Insider tips and advice on when and where is best to visit, so you won't miss a thing * Detailed itineraries for making the most of your Japanese adventure * Travel advice, including information on rail passes, trains and buses * Lists everything from hotels, hot springs and restaurants, to best WiFi options and must-do activities * Useful direct links to websites with all the latest information * Practical advice on what to do and how to do it, drawing on the personal experience of the author, a long-term resident of Japan * Quickly find the information you need with guides to each region and city * Small, compact size, so you can take it anywhere * Unbeatable value for a guide packed with a decade's worth of firsthand and trustworthy advice
For the casual armchair fan to the fan who dreams of a front row seat at the games, The 100 Sporting Events You Must See Live provides invaluable information about tickets and travel as well as the parties and the pageantry for the top games across the sporting landscape. A detailed travel guide from Robert Tuchman, founder and president of the global leader in sports and entertainment promotion, TSE Sports & Entertainment, the book is replete with insider knowledge and expert advice. We are a list-obsessed people and sports-obsessed to boot, so this is a book that quenches our insatiable appetites for both. From the obvious to the obscure, Tuchman’s list of must-see events is as thorough as it is controversial. What events made the top 100 and where did they rank? The book is sure to fire up sports fans everywhere. But more than a mere list, for each event the reader learns a detailed history of their favorite contests and all the background information to make a successful pilgrimage. Featuring also a list of honorable mentions that just missed the cut and a list of the top sports cities with arguments for what makes each city the perfect sports mecca, The 100 Sporting Events You Must See Live is a must for every sports fan’s library.
From famous “Rocky Mountain Cuisine” and a diverse shopping scene to walking tours, golfing, and snowboarding, this authoritative guide helps you enjoy everything the greater Denver area has to offer.
Japan. A country full of history, mystery, experiences and culture unlike any other. It's been said that one could spend many lifetimes exploring Japan and just barely scratch the surface. Unfortunately, we don't have that much time. This concise, to-the-point guide full of insider information, tips and tricks will give you a good starting point to plan from and minimize the learning curve during your journey through what can be a very overwhelming destination. The 40 Minute Travel Guru series was inspired by my desire to share my insights and lessons learned during my many travels and time spent living in various countries around Asia. This is not a thorough guide book, nor is it a complete history lesson. You will not find detailed maps and tours in this book. What you WILL find is information you would ONLY know if you'd lived here or spent lots of time here, which will make your trip much smoother than it would be, had you NOT read this book. The 40 Minute Travel Guru: Japan is designed to be read in around 40 Minutes, give or take, depending on your reading speed. The reason for this is simple: That's all the time you need to effectively absorb the required "to-the-point" and "must-know" information. This includes:*Brief history and culture lesson;*Must-know customs, laws, acceptable behavior AND a list of DOs and DON'Ts;*Tips and tricks for getting around, keeping out of trouble and staying safe;*Recommended preparations, destinations, how to get there, how to best enjoy them;*Birds eye view of the best food and entertainment in each area; and*General pointers that one would ONLY know from learning the hard way. Don't go in cold, learn from others who've gone before you. So enjoy the book and be sure to check for my other books on the other countries you may plan on visiting. I hope that you find it money well spent.Safe travels!
Your Travel Destination. Your Home. Your Home-To-Be. Greater Tampa Bay Area “Kick back at the beach. Kayak through a mangrove tunnel. Savor one-of-a-kind restaurants and world-class arts. • A personal, practical perspective for travelers and residents alike • Comprehensive listings of attractions, restaurants, and accommodations • How to live & thrive in the area—from recreation to relocation • Countless details on shopping, arts & entertainment, and children’s activities
Canada's economic well-being is highly dependent on trade; however, only five percent of its exports go to Japan, the second largest market in the world. Moreover, while Japan exports automobiles, industrial machinery and other high-value-added items to Canada, the majority of Canada's exports to Japan are commodities such as coal and lumber. Japan's recent trend toward importing more high-value-added products has not significantly benefited Canada. The seven case studies in this volume document the establishment and operations of Canadian companies in the software, communications, banking, tourism, food, light metals, and chemical industries within the Japanese market. They show that success in Japan is clearly possible but will not come easily. Japan is a difficult country for opportunists. Relationship building is essential. Skills and knowledge in dealing with the Japanese market will be acquired only over time.
A fully updated edition of the practical guide for the independent traveller to Japan. Japan can be a bewildering place for the tourist traveling alone with little or no language skills. But with the right guide, it can be paradise. Published in cooperation with the Japan National Tourist Organization, New Japan Solo is that perfect travel companion. The latest edition of a book the New York Times called indispensable' has been fully updated and provides a wealth of information far beyond the offerings of the typical travel guide: - Hundreds of listings for dining, lodging,'

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