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Ein neuer Fall für Inspektorin Irene Huss Als im Privatkrankenhaus Löwanderska in Göteborg in einer eisigen Februarnacht der Strom ausfällt und der Alarm des Beatmungsgerätes durch die Gänge hallt, eilt Dr. Löwander auf die Intensivstation. Vergebens. Der Patient ist nicht mehr zu retten. Die Krankenschwester, die bei ihm Wache halten sollte, liegt ermordet auf dem Stromaggregat. Eine weitere Schwester ist spurlos verschwunden. Als Inspektorin Irene Huss mit ihren Kollegen am Tatort erscheint, behauptet die einzige Zeugin hartnäckig, Schwester Tekla auf dem Flur gesehen zu haben. Doch das ist unmöglich, denn Schwester Tekla hat sich vor 50 Jahren auf dem Dachboden des Krankenhauses erhängt.
The fourth investigation in the nationaly bestselling Swedish detective series Irene Huss is a former jujitsu champion, a mother of twin teenage girls, the wife of a successful chef, and a Detective Inspector in the Violent Crimes Unit in Göteborg, Sweden. And now she’s back in the gripping follow-up to Detective Inspector Huss. One nurse lies dead and another vanishes after a local hospital is hit by a blackout. The only witness claims to have seen Nurse Tekla doing her rounds, but Nurse Tekla died sixty years ago. Irene Huss has the challenge of disentangling wandering ghosts and complex human relationships to get to the bottom of this intriguing case.
One of the most prominent citizens of Göteborg, Sweden, plunges to his death off an apartment balcony, but what appears to be a “society suicide” soon reveals itself to be a carefully plotted murder. Irene Huss finds herself embroiled in a complex and high-stakes investigation. As Huss and her team begin to uncover the victim’s hidden past, they are dragged into Sweden’s seamy underworld of street gangs, struggling immigrants, and neo-Nazis in order to catch the killer. From the Trade Paperback edition.
Eines Morgens im Mai wird am Fjordufer von Göteborg eine grausam verstümmelte männliche Leiche gefunden. Wer ist der Tote? Die Polizei tappt lange im Dunkeln, bis sie über eine ungewöhnliche Tätowierung auf der Achsel des Opfers dem unheimlichen Mörder ein Stück näher kommt. Die Ermittlungen führen Inspektorin Irene Huss schließlich nach Kopenhagen, wo zwei Jahre zuvor eine Prostituierte unter ähnlichen Umständen ums Leben kam. Hat man es mit einem Serienmörder zu tun? Fest steht nur eines: der ungewöhnlich brutale Mörder scheint Irene Huss wie ein Schatten zu folgen ...
The chilling third installment in the critically acclaimed Detective Inspector Huss series A partial torso washes up on a Swedish beach, so mutilated that gender is only established through DNA testing. Detective Inspector Irene Huss of the Göteborg Police liaises with her Danish counterparts, who have a similar unsolved murder in their files. But when people connected to Irene start turning up dead, she fears she might be next. From the Trade Paperback edition.
A speeding BMW leaves a dead pedestrian in its wake and leads police to the corpse of a young girl in a cellar. Detective Inspector Irene Huss's ensuing investigation draws her into the chilling world of sex trafficking. Göteborg, Sweden: The high-speed chase of a stolen BMW takes a chilling turn when the two police officers involved witness a gruesome hit-and-run. When they finally recover the abandoned vehicle, search dogs are unable to trace the thieves, but they do uncover an entirely different horror: the half-naked corpse of a young girl in a nearby root cellar. As Detective Inspector Irene Huss and her colleagues struggle to put the pieces together, they discover the man whose car was stolen—a retired police officer—is none other than the victim in the hit-and-run. Could it be a strange coincidence? Or is something larger at play? Meanwhile, the hunt for the girl’s killer leads Irene into the dark world of sex trafficking. An international criminal has arrived in Göteborg, and he’ll stop at nothing to expand his sinister operation. From the Hardcover edition.
The fourth investigation in the nationally bestselling Swedish detective series When one of his teachers fails to show up for work, a high school principal calls his friend on the Göteborg police force. To Detective Inspector Irene Huss’s surprise, her boss takes the complaint seriously, even bringing her with him to a remote cottage in southern Sweden to investigate. There they discover the body of the teacher in question, victim of a rifle shot to the head. When they visit his parents to break the news, they find the couple dead in their bed, each shot between the eyes. The family’s sole surviving member, their daughter in London, is too grief-stricken for questioning. A swath of suspects arises as Irene investigates, but she has a hunch the answers to this case lie in England. From the Trade Paperback edition.
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