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INTERNATIONAL BESTSELLER - Pulitzer Prize winning author presents the stories of a wide range of Muslim women in the Middle East. As an Australian American and an experienced foreign correspondent, Brooks' thoughtful analysis attempts to understand the precarious status of women in the wake of Islamic fundamentalism. "Frank, enraging, and captivating." - The New York Times Nine Parts of Desire is the story of Brooks' intrepid journey toward an understanding of the women behind the veils, and of the often contradictory political, religious, and cultural forces that shape their lives. Defying our stereotypes about the Muslim world, Brooks' acute analysis of the world's fastest growing religion deftly illustrates how Islam's holiest texts have been misused to justify repression of women, and how male pride and power have warped the original message of a once liberating faith. As a prizewinning foreign correspondent for The Wall Street Journal, Geraldine Brooks spent six years covering the Middle East through wars, insurrections, and the volcanic upheaval of resurgent fundamentalism. Yet for her, headline events were only the backdrop to a less obvious but more enduring drama: the daily life of Muslim women.
Discover the acclaimed non-fiction of Pulitzer Prize-winning novelist Geraldine Brooks. 'Frank, enraging and captivating.' The New Yorker Australian writer Geraldine Brooks is now known internationally for her bestselling novels, but as a foreign correspondent Geraldine spent six years covering the Middle East. And when her poised and sophisticated assistant at the Cairo bureau of the Wall Street Journal suddenly 'adopted the uniform of a Muslim fundamentalist', Geraldine Brooks set out to discover the truth about women and Islam. Sometimes adopting a chador as camouflage, she was granted meetings (and often astonishingly intimate insights) by everyone from Queen Noor of Jordan to former Iranian President Rafsanjani's daughter. She met with Palestinians protesting about 'honour killings' for adultery and sheltered girls transformed into warriors by the Emirates' armed forces. Throughout the Middle East, Brooks was invited into the homes and lives of these women where she found real stories that overturn western stereotypes. With an Afterword by the author.
Shelina is keeping a very surprising secret under her headscarf – she wants to fall in love and find her faith. Torn between the Buxom Aunties, romantic comedies and mosque Imams, she decides to follow the arranged-marriage route to finding Mr Right, Muslim-style. Shelina’s captivating journey begins as a search for the One, but along the way she also discovers her faith and herself. A memoir with a hilarious twist from one of Britain's leading female Muslim writers, Love in a Headscarf is an entertaining, fresh and unmissable insight into what it means to be a young British Muslim woman.
«اضطهادُ المرأةِ لا يَرجعُ إلى الشرقِ أو الغربِ أو الإسلامِ أو الأديان، ولكنَّه يَرجعُ أساسًا إلى النُّظمِ الأبويةِ في المجتمعِ البَشريِّ كلِّه.» جسَّدتْ مُعاناةُ المرأةِ العربيةِ ضدَّ القِيَمِ والعاداتِ والتقاليدِ الموروثة، بالإضافةِ إلى الفَهمِ الخاطئِ للدِّين، مَلْحمةً كبيرةً امتدَّتْ لعُصورٍ طويلة، ولم تكُنْ تلكَ المُعاناةُ حصادَ رافدٍ واحدٍ من تلكَ الرَّوافد، بل انحدرَتْ منها جميعًا. ولم تكُنْ للشرقِ أو الغربِ يدٌ فيما وصلَتْ له حالُ المرأة، وبالتبعيةِ لم تكُنْ للدينِ المسيحيِّ أو الإسلاميِّ مُشارَكةٌ في اضطهادِها، غيرَ أنَّ هذا كلَّه استُتْبِعَ بتأويلاتٍ تُراثيةٍ عالجَتْ مشكلاتِ المرأةِ بأشكالٍ عدةٍ خاطئة، أدَّتْ إلى ظُهورِ المَوروثاتِ الشعبيةِ التي تحُضُّ على العُنفِ ضدَّ المرأةِ وسَلْبِها حُقوقَها، ومَنْعِها من مُمارسةِ حياةٍ طبيعيةٍ كانَتْ في القديمِ حقًّا أصيلًا لها لا يُنازعُها فيه مُنازِع.
موضوع هذا العمل هو حزب الله، الحزب السياسي الأكبر والأبرز في لبنان، وربما الحركة الإسلامية الأشهر في العالم، وقد ساءت سمعة الحزب بفعل تورطه المزعوم في اختطاف أكثر من ثمانين غربيّا طوال ثمانينيات القرن العشرين، بمن فيهم رهائن بارزون مثل موفد رئيس أساقفة كانتربري، تيري ويت، ويقع الكتاب في ثمانية فصول: (التكيف السياسي والعنف في الدول غير الإسلامية، الدولة الإسلامية والديمقراطية، مفهوم ولاية الفقيه، الشمولية الإسلامية والهوية الوطنية، الصراع مع الغرب، مقاومة الاحتلال الإسرائيلي، معاداة الصهيونية وإسرائيل، ومعاداة اليهودية).
Noted teachers and scholars William J. Duiker and Jackson J. Spielvogel present a balanced, highly readable overview of world history that explores common challenges and experiences of the human past and identifies key patterns over time. Thorough coverage of political, economic, social, religious, intellectual, cultural, and military history is integrated into a chronological framework to help students gain an appreciation and understanding of the distinctive character and development of individual cultures in society. This approach, with organization around seven major themes (Science and Technology, Art and Ideas, Family and Society, Politics and Government, Earth and the Environment, Religion and Philosophy, and Interaction and Exchange), helps students link events together in a broad comparative and global framework, thereby placing the contemporary world in a more meaningful historical context. Available in the following options: WORLD HISTORY, Eighth Edition (Chapters 1—30); Volume I: To 1800 (Chapters 1—18); Volume II: Since 1500 (Chapters 14—30). Important Notice: Media content referenced within the product description or the product text may not be available in the ebook version.

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