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#1 New York Times bestselling author Nora Roberts presents five unforgettable novels that combine mystery and suspense with passionate romance in this Night Tales collection. NIGHT SHIFT When Detective Boyd Fletcher is assigned to protect radio DJ Cilla O’Roarke, he is surprised by the intense attraction he feels for his beautiful, stoic charge. NIGHT SHADOW When prosecutor Deborah O'Roarke is rescued by a masked vigilante known as Nemesis, the desire she feels for the mysterious crime fighter makes her question her stance on right and wrong. NIGHTSHADE When professional troubleshooter Colt Nightshade teams up with buttoned-up Lieutenant Althea Grayson to find a missing girl, he discovers that getting through his sultry partner’s icy exterior is an irresistible challenge. NIGHT SMOKE After someone torches her warehouse, executive Natalie Fletcher needs help from arson investigator Ryan Piasecki—and the buildings aren’t the only things caught in the blaze. NIGHT SHIELD Undercover cop Ally Fletcher knows that Jonah Blackhawk is bad news, which is why she’s determined not to fall for his charms while working at his nightclub.
Four chilling novels of romantic suspense come together in an omnibus edition featuring Night Shift, Night Shadow, Nightshade, and Night Smoke, in which passions ignite between Natalie Fletcher and arson investigator Ryan Piasecki. Reprint.
#1 New York Times bestselling author Nora Roberts presents a collection that includes the first five novels in her beloved MacGregors series. PLAYING THE ODDS When mysterious Justin Blade saunters up to Serena MacGregor's blackjack table, he decides to take the biggest gamble of his life—by playing for keeps. TEMPTING FATE Attorney Caine MacGregor has a reputation for winning. But trying to coax cool, calm Diana Blade into a partnership—and into his bed—may be his greatest challenge yet. ALL THE POSSIBILITIES Spirited shop owner Shelby Campbell has her reasons for keeping dashing senator Alan MacGregor at arm’s length, including the centuries-old feud between their families. ONE MAN'S ART Cartoonist Grant Campbell has shunned the outside world, preferring to live and work alone—until a storm brings beautiful artist Genevieve Grandeau to the door of his lighthouse. FOR NOW, FOREVER Self-made millionaire Daniel MacGregor attemprs to woo independent medical student Anna Whitfield in a courtship that will launch the formidable MacGregor dynasty.
#1 New York Times bestselling author Nora Roberts takes readers on thrilling, passionate journey in this collection that includes all five novels in the Calhouns series. When the Calhoun sisters inherited the Towers, their family's crumbling mansion on the coast of Maine, they never imagined the passion and adventure their windfall would bring... COURTING CATHERINE As far as hotel magnate Trenton St. James is concerned, his dealings with Catherine "C.C." Calhoun should be strictly business—until her mix of fire and fury seduce his mind and his heart. A MAN FOR AMANDA Known as the responsible Calhoun sister, Amanda finds architect Sloan O’Riley’s easygoing attitude infuriating, but his irresistible smile just might change her mind. FOR THE LOVE OF LILAH Adrift in a storm, Professor Max Quartermain believes he hallucinated the beautiful mermaid who came to his rescue. But Lilah Calhoun is no mystical creature—she’s a flesh and blood woman. SUZANNA'S SURRENDER Searching for the missing Calhoun emeralds, Suzanna asks ex-cop Holt Bradford for help and finds herself distracted by the dangerous, alluring man who holds the key to everything she’s searching for. MEGAN'S MATE Cool as an Atlantic breeze, Calhoun sister-in-law Megan O’Riley has buried her passions deep. But when boat captain Nate Fury sails into her life, Megan seems destined to be swept away.
Try to sleep at night.' A series of well-organised burglaries has Detective Allison Fletcher going undercover as a waitress in a high-class bar. It's not long before one of the wealthy customers is robbed, and Allison discovers how the con is being worked. Allison foils one of the burglaries and a gun is turned on her. She has no choice but to shoot the woman holding the weapon. The robber's psychotic, controlling brother knows who killed his beloved sister, and now he's out for revenge. When he breaks into Allison's flat, leaving blood-stained words on the walls, Allison knows she's in terrible danger. And her cop's shield won't be enough to protect her from a madman...
He was a shadow among shadows. They called him Nemesis and on the night he saved Deborah O'Roarke from the attacker, he rediscovered the sweet ache of longing. As Gage Guthrie he could woo her. But Deborah abhorred his vigilante approach to crime fighting. So how could he reveal he was the phantom who lurked in the Night Shadow?
Police officer Allison Fletcher refuses to be drawn by the handsome, charming, but possibly shady Jonah Blackhawk, and widow Maggie Fitzgerald must depend on sexy, rude landscaper Cliff Delaney when her safety is threatened.

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