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Daily Devotions for Peak Performance As an athlete with a passion for sports, you have a unique view of life through a competitive lens. And yet, your drive for success and commitment to your sport may lead to being set apart from others, distancing yourself from friends, family, church and school. God doesn't intend for you to go it alone. He wants to be included in your athletics and in every other area of your life. Heart of an Athlete makes it easy to receive regular spiritual training that won't take over your workout schedule. Here are 90 inspiring devotions written specifically for athletes of every level. Now you can gain insight into handling daily challenges and using biblical principles to become a true competitor for Christ.
In life, as in sports, a quick time-out to rethink and re-center on the goal is a smart strategy. The Heart of an Athlete Playbook gives readers regular spiritual training for life on and off the field. This collection of 31 devotional readings are a quick start for athletes at any level, offering memorable, biblical insights for handling challenges and playing with God's purposes in mind. Readers will be introduced to the FCA devotional method, "PRESS," designed with athletes in mind: Pray, Read, Examine, Summarize, and Share, and will discover how to use biblical principles to become a dynamic competitor for Christ.
At the heart of each successful leader, you will find unshakeable principles, core values, driving motivations and inspiring perspectives. The Fellowship of Christian Athletes, built on the values of integrity, team work, serving and excellence, has asked 40 leaders to share their key insights on what makes the greatest leader ever and how they live out those principles on the field, in the arena, in the classroom and at home. Coaches, athletes, sports fans and aspiring leaders will find motivation on every page, in addition to time-tested principles of leadership based on biblical values. And it will answer the question: Who is the greatest leader ever? Contributors Include Kurt Warner, Lance Berkman, Tom Osborne, Andy Pettitte, Jane Albright, Jackie Joyner-Kersee and others. It will also feature leadership success stories about the late John Wooden and Tom Landry, and an inspiring challenge from FCA president and former NFL coach Les Steckel.
Sabiduria para el Fin de los Tiempos es un comentario sobre los primeros doce capItulos del libro de Proverbios, y pueden ser usados en un estudio en grupo, o leIdo por uno mismo. Para un estudio mAs fAcil, las Escrituras se incluyen en lInea con el comentario. El libro de Proverbios tiene que ver con adquirir entendimiento y sabidurIa para entender parAbolas y declaraciOn; palabras de sabios y sus enigmas (muchos de los cuales son profEticos). Este utiliza especialmente el contraste como mEtodo de hacerse entender en mUltiples niveles. Por ejemplo: El necio se contrasta con la persona sabia. "Necio" viene de una palabra de raIz oscura que significa "ser perverso." El loco rehUsa recibir correcciOn, aunque esto serIa para su beneficio. La mujer sabia, y fiel se contrasta con otro tipo de mujer que va camino a la muerte y perdiciOn. Las buenas amistades se contrastan con las malas. Hay camino que al parecer del hombre natural es derecho, pero en realidad es camino a la perdiciOn. Hay otro camino donde parece que perderemos no solamente las cosas de este mundo -las cosas que hemos valorado y por las que hemos trabajado duro- posiblemente hasta nuestra propia vida. Este camino estA cuesta arriba y contra todas las probabilidades naturales. Este es el camino a la vida. Este es el camino a la bendiciOn. Esta es la sabidurIa.
Coaching is all about relationships, with the people coaches lead, fellow coaches, family, and God. The Heart of a Coach Playbook helps strengthen a coach's personal relationship with Christ while modeling biblical integrity to the players on their team and the people in their lives. This collection of 31 devotional readings, written by current and former coaches, uses realistic coaching situations and Scripture references to encourage and equip coaches on the issues they face in their daily lives, including character, faithfulness, persistence, and commitment. Readers will be introduced to the FCA devotional method, "PRESS," designed with athletes in mind: Pray, Read, Examine, Summarize, and Share.
Coach John Wooden's teams won 10 NCAA mens basketball championships at UCLA and Sporting News magazine named him the greatest coach of all time. Yet decades after he retired and now after his passing, his wisdom, capsulated so clearly in his famous Pyramid of Success, continues to guide new generations of athletes, coaches, and people of all walks of life. In The Greatest Coach Ever, the Fellowship of Christian Athletes features forty tributes from athletes, coaches, and other influential leaders like Bobby Bowden, Tom Osborne, Sue Semrau, Tony Dungy, Mike Singletary, Tamika Catchings, Joe Girardi, Jim Tressel, and David Robinson, paying honor to Coach Wooden and reflecting on how his example has challenged and changed them. Their stories can challenge and change your life, too. Coach Wooden appreciated the tributes and the honor of being called the greatest coach ever, but felt uncomfortable with the title. He was eager to see that this book points to the one whom he calls the greatest coach ever. "I am happy being remembered as a man of integrity. I like that"--John Wooden, May 21 2010
Individualidad en Religión. por Alonzo T. JonesUn clásico para todo cristiano. Individualidad en Religión nos prueba que el cristiano depende de Dios y no de una institución religiosa.

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