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Lloyd has a particular set of skills. He writes the small print for prescription drugs, marital aids, and incontinence products. The clients present him with a list of possible side effects. His job is "to recite and minimize"—sometimes by just saying them really fast and other times by finding the language that can render them acceptable. The results are ingenious. The methods diabolical. Lloyd has a habit, too. He cops smack during coffee breaks at his new job writing copy for Christian Swingles, an online dating service for the faithful. He finds a precarious balance between hackwork and heroin until he encounters Nora, a mysterious and troubled young woman, a Sylvia Plath with tattoos and implants, who asks for his help. Lloyd falls swiftly in love, but Nora bestows her affections at a cost. Before Lloyd clears his head from the fog of romance, he finds himself complicit in Nora's grand scheme to horrify the world and exact revenge on those who poison the populace in order to sell them the cure.
From a Catholic girl and coal miners daughter to a married woman. Four children by age 28 and te years with husband number one. One more child with husband number two, a very possessive, abusive, evil man. It took twenty-two years to get free of him. And then there was husband number three, completely addicted to pornography in almost every form, in every aspect of his life and marriage, taking over her entire life for eight years of hoping to fi x him but to no avail. To fi nally fi nding the love of her lifeon with the next chapter of Angelina Shadows life.
"Down-and-out ex-cop and not-quite-reformed addict Manny Rupert accepts a job going undercover to find out if an old man locked up in a California prison is who he claims to be: the despicable - and allegedly dead - Josef Mengele, aka the Angel of Death.W
New York’s punchiest borough asserts its criminal legacy with all new stories from a magnificent set of today’s best writers. Brooklyn Noir moves from Coney Island to Bedford-Stuyvesant to Bay Ridge to Red Hook to Bushwick to Sheepshead Bay to Park Slope and far deeper, into the heart of Brooklyn’s historical and criminal largesse, with all of its dark splendor. Each contributor presents a brand new story set in a distinct neighborhood. Brooklyn Noir mixes masters of the mystery genre with the best of New York’s literary fiction community—and, of course, leaves room for new blood. These brilliant and chilling stories see crime striking in communities of Russians, Jamaicans, Hasidic Jews, Puerto Ricans, Italians, Irish and many other ethnicities—in the most diverse urban location on the planet. Contributors include Pete Hamill, Nelson George, Sidney Offit, Arthur Nersesian, Pearl Abraham, Ellen Miller, Maggie Estep, Adam Mansbach, CJ Sullivan, Chris Niles, Norman Kelley, and many others. Akashic Books announces Brooklyn novelist Tim McLoughlin as the editor of the anthology (in addition to his contributing a story). McLoughlin’s respect on any Brooklyn street predates the publication of his debut novel Heart of the Old Country (Akashic, 2001), a selection of the Barnes & Noble Discover Great New Writers Program that was hailed by Entertainment Weekly as “an inspired cross between Richard Price and Ross McDonald.” For years, McLoughlin has worked in the Kings County Supreme Court in downtown Brooklyn. Praise for McLoughlin’s Heart of the Old Country: ”. . . cracks with the authenticity that only a writer with a perfect ear can accomplish.”—Bob Leuci, author of Blaze ”McLoughlin writes about South Brooklyn with a fidelity to people and place reminiscent of James T. Farrell’s Studs Lonigan and George Orwell’s Down and Out in Paris and London.”—Sidney Offit, author of Memoir of the Bookie’s Son
In this book, the author tells the hilarious story of a young Native American teen as he attempts to break free from the life he was destined to live.
Mansions of Compassion Two a half years in its creation, my novel, Mansions of Compassion, is set in pre and post Civil War years in and about New Orleans, Louisiana. In New Orleans, on a bay inlet peninsula, was once a flourishing hotel, The French Quarter, resort that hosted the elite of society men and women of southern grace and charm. The water inlet, known to native Frenchmen and well-to-do alike is simply, The Chateau. The Chateau Laurent, with its lush greenery and red clay high cliffs, could not be seen from the bay and is only accessible for visitors from New Orleans by flat bottom river boats, guided only by seasoned river pilots from the Chateau or from New Orleans itself. Antebellum mansions and several huge country houses, belonging to affluent cotton planters and politicians are hidden behind manicured acreage lawns and huge weeping willow trees. Prosperous vineyards and a huge orchard grace the countryside. Decades after its huge success the Chateau Laurent falls into a state of economic disaster and decay. With it's original corrupt leaders gone and no younger generation to re-populate the once beautiful Chateau, The New Orleans New DayPreparatory School for Girls, as well, The French Quarter Hotel looks doomed. A small pier, facing the bay, and away from the shallow rocks of the back waters berth deep hulled foreign frigates that arrive to sell apparel fashions and slaves to the highest bidders and wares to the not-so-affluent main populace of native employee Islanders. The Isle is governed by two of its original wealthy elder settlers, Irishman John Lockridge and Englishman Isiah Crowe, together, at first they built an honest enterprise for the entertainment of the Southern elite and share the proceeds with the their employee Islanders. John Lockridge and his family own a huge sprawling antebellum mansion called Walnut Manor, in which they host elaborate barbeques for elbow rubbing politicians and bureaucrats, on business trips from Georgetown, New York City, Baltimore, Richmond and Atlanta. In addition, he owns several fast racehorses, and will stable private owned racehorses for the affluent clientel. Powerful money changes hands at the oval race track known as Queen`s Way, the same bettors are invited to the dock area where they can choose from an array of imported apparel from the waterfront gazebos, domestic hand made custom carriages, purchase a tax free slave or two, or purchase quilts for the family back home. Isiah Crowe also owns a stately house on the Isle and, although not as wealthy as John Lockridge, he is the other business partner and the point man for scheduling events, paying the employee Islanders and making sure that the well-to-do visitors have all of the opportunity they need to spend their money. A shrewd and calculating man, he doesn`t have Lockridges pleasant mannerisms, wit and class. He doesn`t reinvest in the Isle, but takes his share of the proceeds to Georgetown where in the off season he builds and and operates a lucrative import and export dock, which he calls The Georgetown Wharf. When at the Isle, the wharf is managed by his cunning Barrack Master. Weary of its small handout proceed economy and the administration`s heavy handedness, many descendants of the original Islanders come to age in their own right and move away, to spoken of places that the rich southern visitors are from, or cities that the northern visitors are from, big city places that are talked about but not seen, like New York City, Baltimore or Philadelphia. While John Lockridge lies ill with a devastating stroke, Isiah soon realizes that with the departure of more and more of the young populace the future of the Isle is gone and so are his investments in the racetrack and dock. In the next two years, his share of the Isles profits dwindle, while the wharf takes shape and thrives in Georgetown. Isiah kn
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