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"OpenCL in Action blends the theory of parallel computing with the practical reality of building high-performance applications using OpenCL. It first guides you through the fundamental data structures in an intuitive manner. Then, it explains techniques for high-speed sorting, image processing, matrix operations, and fast Fourier transform. The book concludes with a deep look at the all-important subject of graphics acceleration. Numerous challenging examples give you different ways to experiment with working code."--Pub. desc.
This book brings together the current state of-the-art research in Self Organizing Migrating Algorithm (SOMA) as a novel population-based evolutionary algorithm, modeled on the predator-prey relationship, by its leading practitioners. As the first ever book on SOMA, this book is geared towards graduate students, academics and researchers, who are looking for a good optimization algorithm for their applications. This book presents the methodology of SOMA, covering both the real and discrete domains, and its various implementations in different research areas. The easy-to-follow and implement methodology used in the book will make it easier for a reader to implement, modify and utilize SOMA.
Advancements in microprocessor architecture, interconnection technology, and software development have fueled rapid growth in parallel and distributed computing. However, this development is only of practical benefit if it is accompanied by progress in the design, analysis and programming of parallel algorithms. This concise textbook provides, in one place, three mainstream parallelization approaches, Open MPP, MPI and OpenCL, for multicore computers, interconnected computers and graphical processing units. An overview of practical parallel computing and principles will enable the reader to design efficient parallel programs for solving various computational problems on state-of-the-art personal computers and computing clusters. Topics covered range from parallel algorithms, programming tools, OpenMP, MPI and OpenCL, followed by experimental measurements of parallel programs’ run-times, and by engineering analysis of obtained results for improved parallel execution performances. Many examples and exercises support the exposition.
This book provides a broad overview of both the technical challenges in sensor network development, and the real-world applications of distributed sensing. Important aspects of distributed computing in large-scale networked sensor systems are analyzed in the context of human behavior understanding, including topics on systems design tools and techniques. Additionally, the book examines a varied range of applications. Features: contains valuable contributions from an international selection of leading experts in the field; presents a high-level introduction to the aims and motivations underpinning distributed sensing; describes decision-making algorithms in the presence of complex sensor networks; provides a detailed analysis of the design, implementation, and development of a distributed network of homogeneous or heterogeneous sensors; reviews the application of distributed sensing to human behavior understanding and autonomous intelligent vehicles; includes a helpful glossary and a list of acronyms.
The set of papers collected in this issue originated from the AGERE! Workshop series - the last edition was held in 2017 - and concern the application of actor-based approaches to mainstream application domains and the discussion of related issues. The issue is divided into two parts. The first part concerns Web Programming; Data-Intensive Parallel Programming; Mobile Computing; Self-Organizing Systems and the second part concerns Scheduling; Debugging; Communication and Coordination; Monitoring.
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