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Covering classic and contemporary organization development (OD) techniques, this is a comprehensive text on individual, team, and organizational change. Incorporating OD ethics and values into each chapter, Donald L. Anderson provides discussion of the real-world application of these theoretical ideas. In-depth case studies that follow major content chapters allow students to immediately apply what they have learned. In today’s challenging environment of increased globalization, rapidly changing technologies, economic pressures, and expectations in the contemporary workforce, this book is an essential tool.
Organization Development covers the latest research in organizational development interventions and the consulting process. It differs from current texts available by including more case studies and exercises for students to use in applying theoretical material to practical situtuations. This additional material makes the text more relevent and offers instructors the ability to use one volume instead of placing materials on reserve or asking students to purchase multiple texts.
This Fourth Edition offers a comprehensive look at individual, team, and organizational change, covering classic and contemporary organization development techniques. Today's practitioners need a solid foundation that is academically rigorous, but also relevant, practical, and grounded in organizational development values and ethics. This bestselling text provides students with the organization development tools they need to succeed in today's challenging environment of increased globalization, rapidly changing technologies and evolving workforce expectations.
Cases and Exercises in Organization Development & Change, Second Edition encourages students to practice organization development (OD) skills in unison with learning about theories of organizational change and human behavior. The book includes a comprehensive collection of cases about the OD process and organization-wide, team, and individual interventions, including global OD, dialogic OD, and OD in virtual organizations. In addition to real-world cases, author Donald L. Anderson gives students practical and experiential exercises that make the course material come alive through realistic scenarios that managers and organizational change practitioners regularly experience.
Praise for Reinventing Organization Development "A hard hitting yet hopeful look at a field concerned with renewal that is in need of renewal itself. This book is full of intelligent questions, provocative appraisals, and prescriptions for action that they serve." -Rosabeth Moss Kanter, chaired professor, Harvard Business School; author, Confidence: How?Winning Streaks and Losing Streaks Begin and End "Wise, invaluable advice that the field and its practitioners should heed if the field of OD is to take its rightful place as an applied behavioral science that can make a difference in the economic and human affairs of organizations." -Michael Beer, professor emeritus, Harvard Business School; chairman, Center for Organizational Fitness "Few disciplines in decline have subjected themselves to so profound a self-evaluation. It should lead ?to a rejuvenation of the field. Whether or not it does, there is a great deal to learn here about organizations and relevant professional practice." -Russell Ackoff, professor emeritus, Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania "Two of the leaders of the field of OD have collaborated to present us with a compelling and controversial state of the art." -Len Schlesinger, vice chairman and chief operating officer, Limited Brands "The book challenges OD consultants to think broadly about their organizational roles and to assert their rightful place in organizations." -Jean M. Bartunek, Robert A. and Evelyn J. Ferris Chair Professor of Organization Studies, Boston College
Organizational change initiatives often fail because they focus exclusively on the rational, overt aspects of change, overlooking the powerful role played by concealed or irrational factors. It's well known that these covert processes--such as hidden agendas, blind spots, office politics, tacit assumptions, secret hopes, wishes and fears--frequently sabotage change efforts, but up until now nobody has offered a rigorous, consistent way of identifying and dealing with them. Drawing on over thirty years of experience as an organizational change consultant to global corporations and government agencies, Robert J. Marshak shows precisely how to bring these hidden processes to light and deal with their negative impact. Marshak identifies five different dimensions of covert processes, presents an integrated model to explain the ultimate source of all of them, and shows how to diagnose whether any covert processes might be at work in your organization. He then offers specific tools and techniques for engaging and managing these "under-the-table" processes and for creating the kind of organizational environment in which such hidden dynamics are unable to flourish. Covert Processes at Work is a comprehensive and practical guide that managers, leaders, and consultants can use to deal with the hidden dynamics that are often at the root of many organizational problems.

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