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Encompassing more than one thousand primary sources and documents, a history of the United States presents an array of articles, speeches, letters, and court cases, ranging from the Declaration of Independence to the Starr Report.
A look at the type of materials located in the National Archives along with photographs of some of the items, such as the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and Emancipation Proclamation, and the Homestead Act.
The full story of the war is told by those who experienced it in this collection of documents from family records, private correspondence, public archives and other sources, arranged chronologically to provide a start-to-finish narrative of the war and its aftermath.
Collects one hundred documents that were important in the development of the United States from its founding to 1965, including the Declaration of Independence, Constitution, and lesser-known writings.
Cultures of the States: How Effective Are State Governments? is a study of the effectiveness of states in the United States in dealing with governance problems. It includes a summary ranking of all states and problems profile for each state on 15 governance factors, plus a database of more than 700 tables of statistical information in which every state is ranked on each of the 700 variables, along with a historical interpretation.
Throughout history, people have often expressed controversial and conflicting interpretations of current events. In this unique resource, Joan Brodsky Schur reveals how compelling and engaging the study of history becomes when students use documents to imagine living through events in American history. Eyewitness to the Past examines six types of primary sources: diaries, travelogues, letters, news articles, speeches, and scrapbooks. Teachers will find interactive strategies to help students analyze the unique properties of each, and apply to them their own written work and oral argument. Students learn to express opposing viewpoints in documents, classroom interactions, and simulations such as staging congressional hearings, elections, or protests. They build crucial analytical thinking and presentation skills. Used together, the six strategies offer a varied and cohesive structure for studying the American past that reinforces material in the textbook, encourages creativity, activates different learning styles, and strengthens cognitive skills. Each chapter provides detailed instructions for implementing an eyewitness strategy set in a specific era of American history, and includes extensions for adapting the strategy to other time periods. In addition to the primary sources included in the book, examples of student work are presented throughout to aid teachers in evaluating the work of their own students. Rubrics and a list of resources are offered for each eyewitness strategy.
America. Words that Shaped the Nation. The First 50 Years. 1776- 1826 contains our country's foremost milestone documents. These documents were gathered from National Archives and Records Administrations national holdings. The documents contained in volume one chronicle United States history from 1776 to 1826. Volume two will cover the years 1827 to the present. This is a must reference book for every American and those desiring to become American's. These volumes are comprised of the 100 documents that the staff of the National Archives has judged most important relating to the founding and evolution of America. All items are provided with a short introduction, a copy of the original document, and for ease of reading a typed transcript. Original documents are available at the National Archives and Records Administration. Documents included in this book are; The Lee Resolution, The Declaration of Independence, The Articles of Confederation, The Treaty of Alliance with France, The Seal of the United States of America, The Treaty of Paris, The Virginia Plan, Northwest Ordinance, Constitution of the United States, The Federalist papers, George Washington's First Inaugural Speech, Federal Judiciary Act, The Bill of Rights, The Cotton Gin Patent, President Washington's Farewell Address, The Alien and Sedition Act, President Jefferson secret request for Lewis & Clark funding, The Louisiana Purchase, Marbury vs. Madison, The Treaty of Ghent, McCulloch vs. Maryland, The Missouri Compromise, The Monroe Doctrine, Gibbons vs. Ogden.

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