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Our Return to the Light has a simple but timely message: stress is the precursor of disease, but when we dance in rhythm with the universe we transmit and receive light within every cell of the body, freeing ourselves from fear and creating healing from within. In this book, Barbara Wren, a respected naturopath and healer, explains how to maximize the body's potential to receive and transmit the full spectrum of light using simple techniques to: discover your physiological ancestral journey from conception to present day understand how stress and fear affect the body at a cellular level use the resonance of light and the Earth's rhythms to heal and protect the body from disease make simple lifestyle and dietary changes to resolve stress and fear. Following on from Cellular Awakening, Barbara Wren's cutting-edge book of science and ancient wisdom, Our Return to the Light further explores our full potential for health and its connection to the energy of the universe.
A complete method for bringing the healing light of the soul, the Solar angel, and the angelic healers into the physical body. taught in workshops for many years, these easy-to-learn processes have helped thousands to heal and upgrade the cells in their body.
"Seeds 4 change is designed to address many of the factors that are at the root of poor health and disease and to help you find your own path to health and healing. Taking steps to improve your health can seem like an overwhelming task. By taking things one step at a time, no matter how long it takes you can get there. This book is designed to help you address those factors that can change your health and well-being. Just planting one seed and nurturing the soil, in this case your body will help establish a healthy root system. This will allow that seed to have the best chance to grow into a strong, beautiful tree. That tree is you and it is your life. Make an appointment now with yourself to care for your physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, and environmental needs. By doing so you can plant the seed to change and transform your life"--Cover, p. 4.
The Medicine Path invites us to reconsider the old ways—the ways of our indigenous ancestors. The original peoples of our planet understood both the beauty and necessity of knowing Mother Earth as they knew themselves. As a result of this deep relationship with the land, the medicines of the natural world became known. This book tells the story of how one woman returned to those healing ways, re-kindled a connection to the earth, and now shares the resulting healing gifts with her community.
The Answer Model - which is based on cutting-edge research on neuroscience, psychology, and anthropology - suggets that nearly all of us develop unconscious biochemical addictions to our own pain and emotional distress. Because states of emotional distress release stress hormones that act in the brain much like addictive drugs, the model suggests that people develop literal addictions to states such as anxiety, hurt, and self-pity.
Psychic and master healer Meg Losey shares her alternative healing techniques for mind, body, and spirit in Touching The Light. Losey shows how channeled systems of healing stem from our perception, energy, and participation in our own journeys. She shares the techniques that she has learned from her human and etheric teachers that readers can use on themselves and others. How is it that miracles happen? Is spontaneous healing really possible? Why is it that some illnesses don’t show up in standard or even specialized medical testing, yet are very real in their effects? Can someone be “cosmically sick” with no apparent physical cause? How do the people and places around us affect us in our everyday lives? Can we intentionally and effectively create miracles of healing to change lives, or to effect positive outcomes even when situations seem hopeless? How can symbols of light be used to instantly attune someone’s entire energy system? Meg Blackburn Losey answers these questions and many others in this ground-breaking book. Touching the Light brings the reader into previously unknown worlds of healing and explains not only how energy healing is possible but how it works. It is the quintessential instruction manual for holistic healing in the third dimension and beyond!
Healing is a personal journey. Ayurveda provides a foundation for self understanding and a clear road map for how to live life in a manner that will support your healing process. This book is about unlocking your healing potential. In this book, Dr. Marc Halpern shares his own personal journey of healing himself from a crippling autoimmune disorder and seven years of subsequent chronic fatigue. Along the way he reveals the Lessons On The Path. Lessons that anyone can use to support their own healing journey... the lessons of Ayurveda.
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