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This moving book provides an inside-view of life in prison, and people's remarkable ability to make sense of their lives there as they learn to meditate. Drawing on years of intimate correspondence between prisoners and charity workers of the Prison Phoenix Trust, it traces prisoners' struggles through the harshest of circumstances to find authenticity, friendship and hope. This is not only an empowering guide for those in prison, but a testament to the liberating power of peace, which, in spite of all obstacles, can be unlocked within us all.
The Love, Peace, Inside, Health and Perspicacity (Book 9) by Ninh Vinh Loi Today, with the comfortable and convenient living we have, we feel happy with the way we are. But we may forget the time when we human beings were living in just a few hundred years ago. It’s completely different, isn’t it? With the contributions of all of the scientists around the world we have what we have now. But when we look toward the future, we foresee that we have a lot of troubles ahead. The resources of our earth are drying up every day. The problem of our population is growing rapidly. A nuclear war can accidentally happen and so on and on. We are working hard to find the solution for all our problems. We know that scientists around the world are trying to find out the root of the universe and from that they create the technologies, following up through the philosophies and experiments. We know that philosophy is just a theory with a lot of assumptions and any experiments have very limited results. We need more and more experiments. So far we have the Large Hadron Collider in Europe. But the result turns out that we have more questions and problems added to the previous problems we had. What is dark matter? The black hole? What came before the Big Bang? Will the “God Particle” destroy the universe?
Are we sometimes too busy dealing with our day-to-day lives to know what we have gained or lost? We have built incredible civilizations, but do we know if the human race if heading in the right direction or toward self-destruction? These questions are impossible to answer unless we have the opportunity to live outside our solar system or even outside our universe. Fortunately, there is help. Ninh Vinh Loi is fortunate to have found help. He was brought to the supreme world with its supreme civilization through his books. At that time we will know if the human race is headed in the right direction or toward oblivion, and we will have the solution for all. This is the one and only change for human beings to have a change to know and understand the supreme world that was names ¿a heaven.¿ The author describes this vision in engineering terms to make these concepts concrete for the average reader.
All of us may work for peace. We may work exactly where we are, right inside ourselves, as the more peace we have inside our own lives, the more we may reverberate it into the outer state of affairs. You know why most people have a tendency to not achieve the success they desire in their business and overall life? It's because they don't know that once you take the time to very listen to yourself, you might be surprised at just how much you already understand. Believing in yourself and listening up is crucial to help you comprehend who you are as an individual.
The text and illustrations that comprise this book are designed to take the reader on a journey that goes beyond the limitations of the mind in order to live more expanded and fulfilled lives. Its focus is to learn how to use the Laws of the Universe consciously so we are no longer victims of our life circumstances.

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