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This is a 1972 study of the ways in which workers within a range of genders and ages relate and adapt to their work situation. It is set in a single factory so that the aspects of the situation relating to the employer, are all the same for all workers.
Outlines four organisational forms - systems thinking, contingency theory, the action approach and labour process theories - and evaluates their strengths and weaknesses.
Understanding Industrial Organizations critically reviews the approaches developed by industrial sociologists to analyze industrial organizations. It outlines four general perspectives on organizations - systems thinking, contingency approach, the action approach and labour process for a more adequate sociology of organizations. The book provides a clear, relevant and important contribution to the sociology of organizations.
This book studies workers in four factories in Bangalore - an industrial city of more than one and a half million people in South India - and seeks to answer questions about the situation and thinking of workers in modern capital intensive factories. It is based on case studies of Bangalore workers and their families, on statistical material from management files on workers and from other sources, and on interviews with managers and union officials. Among the principal questions considered are: who are the factory workers and what are their origins, career prospects and living conditions? Are they a privileged elite in a dual economy and what relations are there between them and people outside steady factory employment? How do the workers see their own situation, as individuals and as a class? And how do they think of a 'job' as part of a 'career' and a career as part of their lifetime, in relation to other things that matter to them?

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