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Peregrine Spring, Nancy Cowan’s memoir of her thirty years living intimately with raptors, gives us a new perspective on the relationship between humans and the natural world. Cowan shares her experiences running a world-famous falconry school, and the lessons she's learned from her birds. From retrieving her falcon from the local police “lock up,” to finding her husband in bed with a gyrfalcon, to a heart-breaking race to save her young peregrine from attack by a wild hawk, Cowan’s life is a constant, ever-changing adventure. Cowan’s birds have immersed her so much into their world that she has found herself courted by a Goshawk and bossed about by a Harris’ Hawk. The book carries her readers along, so they, too, meet hawks and falcons in ways they never imagined possible.
Thus begins the tale by Stephen Bodio, a lover of birds and nature, of the incredible connection between man and birds of prey. Falconry can be traced back over four thousand years and, as Bodio says, “it is amazing that the practice did not die out soon afterward when its first adherents starved.” With a new introduction by Helen MacDonald, A Rage For Falcons not only shares the history of falconry, but shows the personal side in a way only Bodio can share. With masterful prose and breathtaking imagery, you not only understand how falconry has lasted, but why. As Bodio so appropriately notes in his introduction: “To understand falconry, you must understand the nature of the relationship between man and bird.” In A Rage For Falcons, Bodio explores this incredible relationship and how it has affected him as a person. Never has such a personal touch been put on a sport that has lasted generations, which many people still do not have a grasp of. That’s what makes Bodio so great. While his words may not convince you to take up the sport, will certainly open your eyes to appreciate a world unlike any other.
A compelling real-life account of the smuggling and subsequent sale by con men of near-extinct falcons out of Yukon wildlife sanctuaries and the joint U.S./Canadian sting operation that culminated in an embarassing law-enforcement diaster
Albion Falconry explore historical falconry.
The only book of its kind for aspiring falconers. Rather than duplicating what is already covered in other books, THE FALCONER'S APPRENTICE starts off the apprentice falconer with an appreciation for the hawks & the prey they chase. Topics include: TRAPPING, TRAINING, FEEDING & HUNTING. It explains WHY the training works, not just HOW. The book was written so the apprentice falconer will more quickly learn the lessons of falconry while adequately caring for his or her first hawk. THE TRAINING TECHNIQUES DESCRIBED CAN ENSURE ANY RED-TAILED HAWK WILL BE A SUPERSTAR! Written by the past North American Falconers' Association (NAFA) Membership Secretary & a current NAFA Director & falconer with over 20 years experience, this is an invaluable guide. Reviewed & recommended by many prominent North American falconers. THE FALCONER'S APPRENTICE makes the falconry sponsor's job easier, & every falconer's apprentice more successful. Includes numerous drawings by internationally renowned Master falconer Jack Oar. TO ORDER, SEND CHECK OR MONEY ORDER FOR $12.00 (INCLUDES SHIPPING & HANDLING) to: EAGLEWING PUBLISHING, Post Office Box 434, Roy, UT 84067-0434.
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