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Pizza is a $35 billion a year business, and nowhere is it taken more seriously than New York City. Journalist Peter Genovese surveys the city’s pizza scene—the food, the business, the culture—by profiling pizza landmarks and personalities and rating pizzerias in all five boroughs. In this funny, fascinating book, Genovese explores the bloggers who write about New York pizza, the obsessive city dwellers who collect and analyze the delivery boxes, Mark Bello’s school where students spend a day making pies from scratch, and Scott Wiener’s pizza bus tours. Along the way, readers learn the history of legendary Totonno’s on Coney Island (Zagat’s number-one pizzeria for 2012), along with behind-the-scenes stories about John’s on Bleecker Street, Joe’s on Carmine, Lombardi’s, Paulie Gee’s, Motorino, and more than a dozen other favorite spots and their owners. Throughout these profiles, Genovese presents a brief history of how pizza came to the city in 1905 and developed into a major attraction in Little Italy, a neighborhood that became a training ground for many of the city’s best-loved pizzerias. Enjoyable facts and figures abound. Did you know that Americans put 250 million pounds of pepperoni on their pies every year? Or that Domino’s has more outlets per capita in Iceland than in any other country? Beyond the stories and tidbits, Genovese provides detailed, borough-by-borough reviews of 250 pizzerias, from simple “slice shops” with scant atmosphere to gourmet pizzerias, including shops that use organic ingredients and experiment with new variations of crusts and toppings. Complemented by hundreds of current and never-before-seen archival photos, the book gives the humble slice its proper due and will leave readers overwhelmed by a sudden desire for New York pizza.
Steve Dolinsky, Chicago's very own eminent food journalist and impartial pizza judge extraordinaire, has embarked on a self-described "pizza quest," methodically taste-testing 101 different pizzas all over Chicagoland to reveal the top five pies in each of seven defined categories. Pizza City, USA is expertly
Cute Kitty in the Big Pizza City, is the creative fantasy journey of the Cute Kitty and her friend Kitty Danny Boy, who, together, fend off the evil witch, and her nasty spells, by pouring tomato sauce, mushrooms and other ingredients all over pizza city keeping the temperature down, and restoring peace to Pizza City. From the author of Milkshake Mermaid, Donut The Dragon, Oscar's Pasta, Anabelle and the Crumbs, and What Do Giraffes Eat?, Greg Wachs has created another fun, and colorful book for kids. THIS KIDS BOOK WILL SOON INCLUDE A FREE MATCHING PODCAST! Just go to iTunes and search for the podcast SERIES, "FUNKY DREAMER STORYTIME," and your kids can read along as the podcast narrates the book. Plus, the podcast is layered with really cool music, making the reading experience extra fun! WHAT'S A POD-BOOK? Well that is when you pair a Kids book with a Kids Podcast, like Anabelle and the Crumbs, Milkshake Mermaid, Donut The Dragon, and SOON, Cute Kitty in the Big Pizza City! The Podcast on iTunes and the Book on Amazon match word for word. Not only can you flip the pages as the Podcast narrates the the book for you, but ALSO, the matching podcast adds a new layer to Storytime - the music soundtrack. Add that to bedtime stories, and you get a very unique mix of books & music. Give it a try! The podcast is free, just search for Funky Dreamer Storytime on iTunes, or go to, then kick back, and enjoy the adventure!
This book reflects on the motivations of creative practitioners who have moved out of cities from the mid-1960s onwards to establish creative homesteads. The book focuses on desert exile painter Agnes Martin, radical filmmaker and gardener Derek Jarman, and iconoclastic conceptual artist Chris Burden, detailing their connections to the cities they had left behind (New York, London, Los Angeles). Sarah Lowndes also examines how the rise of digital technologies has made it more possible for artists to live and work outside the major art centers, especially given the rising cost of living in London, Berlin, and New York, focusing on three peripheral creative centers: the seaside town of Hastings, England, the midsized metro of Leipzig, Germany, and post-industrial Detroit, USA.
Chicago sports fans are the most passionate, knowledgeable, and dedicated in the country. Now, the Windy City's top sports-radio jock and a longtime native sportswriter engage this phenomenon with a compilation of informative and entertaining lists sure to stir up dialogue and debate within the buzzing Chicago sports scene. With original contributions from top Chicago sports and entertainment personalities such as Norm Van Lier, Bill Wennington, Dan Jiggetts, Pat Hughes, Len Kasper, John McDonough, Mike North, U.S. Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens, and many more, this is a must-have reference and entertaining read for all jocks, wannabes, haters, dreamers, and died-in-the-wool Chicago sports fans.

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