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Minecraft-inspired YouTube star PopularMMOs brings everyone’s favorite characters to life in a thrilling adventure to save their friend, battle the undead, and escape the hole new world they’ve crashed into with one unfortunate misstep. Fans of DanTDM: Trayaurus and the Enchanted Crystal and Zach King: My Magical Life will love this PopularMMOs graphic novel adventure, filled with hilarious jokes, thrill-a-minute action, and beloved characters. When Pat and Jen stumble into a hidden hole while playing hide-and-seek, they find that they’re trapped in a dangerous underworld and that their good friend, Bomby, has been kidnapped! Now it’s up to our daring duo and their “friend” Carter to battle the zombies, find the castle, and get back home before it’s too late. Can Pat and Jen find Bomby and flee the underworld before they get zombified by the evilest villain of them all—Evil Jen? One of the most popular YouTubers in the world, with over 13 million subscribers and 10 billion views, PopularMMOs brings together one magical unicorn, one talking cloud, an enormous golem, a dimwitted ship captain, and one oblivious cat in this heart-stopping adventure, as Pat and Jen try to rescue their friends from the zombie-filled new world they’ve fallen into with a single regrettable stumble.
New York Times bestselling authors and YouTube sensations Pat and Jen from the Minecraft-inspired channel PopularMMOs need YOU. Help them complete an epic quest by battling your way through 128 pages of fun-filled, full-color activities! YouTube sensations Pat and Jen from PopularMMOs are on a quest for fun! But they need YOUR help to complete it. Fight your way through mazes, climb your way out of word searches, and fall into a hole new world of awesome activities as you help Pat and Jen collect armor, find their friends, run from zombies, and defeat the most sinister villain of all—Evil Jen! This paperback activity book includes all of your favorite characters from PopularMMOs and includes hours of full-color adventure, with connect-the-dots, spot-the-differences, word scrambles, and more. Go on an incredible adventure with PopularMMOs, one of the most popular YouTubers in the world with over 19 MILLION subscribers and 12 BILLION views.
New York Times bestselling authors and YouTube sensations Pat and Jen from the Minecraft-inspired channel PopularMMOs fall into a “hole” new world of adventure in their exhilarating second graphic novel. Fans of DanTDM: Trayaurus and the Enchanted Crystal and Minecraft: The Crash will love the second graphic novel from PopularMMOs, full of hilarious jokes, thrilling action, and all of your favorite characters in an exciting new setting. After Pat and Jen saved Bomby, their cat Cloud, and one hundred friendly zombies from the clutches of Evil Jen and brought them home from the underworld, they thought their adventuring days were over. But ever since their return, more mysterious new holes have started appearing—and more and more of their friends have started disappearing! After Jen stumbles into one and Pat rushes after her, they find themselves trapped in a dark, dank boomium mine. Now Pat and Jen need to free their friends, figure out who’s behind this evil plot, and find a way to get back home—before it’s too late. In this sequel to their New York Times bestselling graphic novel, go on a brand-new adventure with PopularMMOs, one of the most popular YouTubers in the world with over 19 million subscribers and 12 billion views!
The next installment in the New York Times bestselling series! From YouTube gamer StacyPlays comes the exhilarating sequel to her Minecraft-inspired adventure novel about a girl raised by wolves. Stacy would do anything to protect the Taiga where she lives with the pack of intelligent wolves who raised her. But when humans start to encroach on their forest, their only choice is escape to a place no Arctic wolf has gone before: the desert. The Mesa, with its canyons, snakes, and coyotes, will be like nothing the pack has ever seen. Even in this unfamiliar territory, Stacy is determined to rescue animals in need. But as she and her wolves face new dangers and old secrets, Stacy can’t help but wonder—where does she truly belong? Fans of DanTDM: Trayasaurus and the Enchanted Crystal and PopularMMOs Presents: A Hole New World will love this illustrated, action-packed series!
Age Range: 8-12 | Perfect for Stubborn Readers | Double Spaced and Big Font for Easy Reading From the Author of the #1 Best Seller Fortnite Tale: Mysteries of Fortnite Driven, energetic, and competitive in her childhood - Brite Bomber was a success in the making. However, right before entering high school, one terrible experience would make her lose all her positive traits. An inspiring journey about a girl whose original dreams were crushed, this is a character-driven book about hardship, setting goals, and using critical thinking skills that is equally appealing to both boys and girls. Crafted especially for the most reluctant and stubborn of readers who would rather play video games than read. Follow Brite Bomber on her exciting journey! Many obstacles will be faced by Brite Bomber on her road to stardom. Will she be able to successfully use her wits to overcome all the challenges Fortnite throws at her? And find familiar characters from Fortnite: Battle Royale! Which characters will Brite Bomber run into? Will they be friends, or enemies? Also doubles-up as a Guide Book! Learn about the strategy, planning, resource management, and tactics Brite Bomber picks up as she improves her skills. Other guidebooks are poorly written by outsourced writers and are outdated within a season. Brite Bomber's tips and tricks are foundational knowledge that your child can apply to Fortnite no matter the season - and even apply to their own life! Fans of these books will love Brite Bomber's Victory Royale: Trapped In A Video Game Dog Man Big Nate Captain Underpants PopularMMOs Presents A Hole New World DanTDM: Trayaurus and the Enchanted Crystal Diary of a Wimpy Kid Diary of a 6th Grade Ninja Diary of a Minecraft Zombie Diary of an 8-Bit Warrior Diary of Steve The Noob Diary of a Roblox Noob ⚠ Disclaimer: This book is unofficial and not endorsed by Epic Games - the creator of Fortnite. Please support Epic Games by downloading Fortnite FOR FREE on PC, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, iOS, or Android. Thank you! ⚠ Disclaimer: This book was originally released as "Brite Bomber: The Victory Royale That Created A Legend".
It is time to express yourself and change the world, one sticker at a time. This empowering book includes 200 tear-resistant vinyl stickers for feminists with a cause. Illustrated by an amazing—and diverse—sisterhood of young artists, these stickers celebrate the fearless messages and icons of the feminist movement. Stick them on your laptop, phone, notebook, water bottle, or wherever you feel like it. Your book, your choice. The future is female, and the future is now: It is time to resist!

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