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Potter and Perry's Fundamentals of Nursing, 5e continues to set the standard as the leading fundamentals text for Australian and New Zealand nursing students. The 5th edition has been carefully revised and restructured, focusing on the very important basics - the fundamentals of care that are the building blocks on which professional nursing practice is built. Potter and Perry's Fundamentals of Nursing 5e will prepare students for the dynamic and evolving nature of nursing practice and will challenge them to become competent, engaged and agile nurses of today, leading the way to be effective nurses of the future. The importance of safe and effective person-centred care continues to feature throughout, with a new emphasis on professional responsibility and accountability. Clinical examples and Critical reflection points highlight how the quality of nursing care, knowledge and skills can impact people’s lives and mean the difference between recovery and ongoing illness and complications Additional resources at including: - eBook on VitalSource Resources for Instructors - Testbank - Critical Reflection Points and answers - Image collection - Tables and boxes collection Resources for Students and Instructors - Essentials of Care chapter - 37 Clinical Skills videos (including 10 NEW) - Clinical Cases: Fundamentals of Nursing Case Studies - Weblinks Four new chapters: - Creating a proactive and dynamic nursing profession - Building nursing practice: the Fundamentals of Care Framework - Engaging patients and keeping them safe - Documenting, retrieving and using information to inform practice A new clinical reasoning framework to support systematic and critical reflection on approaches to practice Emphasis on the importance of self-reflection and awareness for delivering quality care across diverse populations Aligned to the Registered Nurse Standards for Practice 2016 (Australia) and Competencies for Registered Nurses 2007 (New Zealand) 75 Clinical Skills link applied nursing skills to effective clinical practice.
It’s your complete guide to nursing — from basic concepts to essential skills! Fundamentals of Nursing, 9th Edition prepares you to succeed as a nurse by providing a solid foundation in critical thinking, evidence-based practice, nursing theory, and safe clinical care in all settings. With illustrated, step-by-step guidelines, this book makes it easy to learn important skills and procedures. Care plans are presented within a nursing process framework, and case studies show how to apply concepts to nursing practice. From an expert author team led by Patricia Potter and Anne Griffin Perry, this bestselling nursing textbook helps you develop the understanding and clinical reasoning you need to provide excellent patient care. 51 skills demonstrations provide illustrated, step-by-step instructions for safe nursing care — and include rationales for each step. 29 procedural guidelines provide streamlined, step-by-step instructions for performing basic skills. UNIQUE! Critical Thinking Models in each clinical chapter show how to apply the nursing process and critical thinking to achieve successful clinical outcomes. Evidence-Based Practice chapter shows how nursing research helps in determining best practices. UNIQUE! Caring for the Cancer Survivor chapter prepares nurses to care for cancer patients who may still face physical and emotional issues. Case studies include unique clinical application questions and exercises, allowing you to practice using care plans and concept maps. The 5-step nursing process provides a consistent framework for care, and is demonstrated in more than 20 care plans. 15 review questions in every chapter test your retention of key concepts, with answers available in the book and on the Evolve companion website. Practical study tools on Evolve include video clips of skills, skills checklists, printable key points, a fluid & electrolytes tutorial, a concept map creator, an audio glossary, and more. UNIQUE! Clear, streamlined writing style makes complex material more approachable. More than 20 concept maps show care planning for clients with multiple nursing diagnoses. Key points and key terms in each chapter summarize important content for more efficient review and study. Unexpected Outcomes and Related Interventions for each skill alert you to potential problems and appropriate nursing actions. Delegation coverage clarifies which tasks can and cannot be delegated. A glossary provides quick access to definitions for all key terms.
Perfect for: • Diploma of Nursing Students. Apply theory to practice with the Clinical Cases textbook series! Clinical Cases: Nursing Care Studies is the perfect textbook for nursing students completing their Diploma. This nursing book offers a variety of case studies based on common real-life examples that you are likely to encounter in practice. Written by Margaret Webb and Ellie Kirov, Nursing Care Studies focusses on key nursing care topics, including: Vital Signs, Skin Integrity and Wound Care, Community-based Care, General Health Assessment, Medications and Palliative Care. Benefit from the logical structure of this nursing book, where each case study begins with an introduction of the presenting condition and associated symptoms. As the scenario develops, more information is provided, such as the patient’s condition, medications, tests and other important factors. Best of all, the conclusion of each case study emphasises patient outcomes and emphasises key points, providing you a great summary to reflect on. Make the most of Clinical Cases: Nursing Care Studies by using it in conjunction with Tabbner's Nursing Care: Theory and Practice, 6th Edition by Gabby Koutoukidis, Kate Stainton and Jodie Hughson as you progress through your Diploma of Nursing. Used together, these nursing textbooks provide a strong foundation for your knowledge of important themes and issues in nursing care. Support your nursing education by purchasing the other great titles available in the Clinical Cases textbook series. Other titles in this series: • Clinical Cases: Fundamentals of Nursing Case Studies by Natashia Scully and Damian Wilson. • Clinical Cases: Medical-Surgical Nursing Case Studies by Janine Bothe. Other formats: This book is also available as an App via the Apple App Store • Easy-to-understand, logical layout. • 24 case studies covering key topics in nursing care. • Multiple choice questions to test your knowledge throughout the textbook. • Rationales provided for all answers. • References for further reading and research. • Designed as an exam preparation and revision tool.
This Canadian text covers the ratio and proportion, formula, and dimensional analysis methods offering a step-by-step approach to the calculation and administration of drug dosages. With over 2,000 practice problems, Gray Morris focuses on enhancing the learning experience of nursing students at all curricular levels by making content clinically applicable. Calculate with Confidence, First Canadian Edition addresses the increasing responsibility of the nurse in medication administration, prioritizes patient safety, and reflects the current scope of practice. Tips for Clinical Practice boxes call attention to information critical to math calculation and patient safety. Safety Alert boxes highlight issues that may lead to mediation errors and empower you to identify actions that must be taken to avoid calculation errors Chapter review problems test all major topics presented in the chapter. Basic math post-test allows you to assess and evaluate your understanding of basic math material covered in Unit 1, directing you to review chapters if you miss any of these test questions. Basic math pre-test review helps you assess your basic math skills and identify areas of strength and weakness in competency of basic math. Comprehensive Test at the end of text offers complete coverage of dosage calculations and conversions, using real-life drug label and situations. SI units and generic/Canadian drug names throughout NCLEX-format questions on Evolve to help prepare for the type of questions you will see on the NCLEX-RN® Examination Real-world examples and practice problems throughout the text. Strong emphasis on safety throughout.
Com o novo formato prático, condensado, completamente reorganizado e atualizado, a obra conta com a respeitada equipe de autores do livro Potter Fundamentos de Enfermagem. Apresenta 180 habilidades e técnicas (básicas, intermediárias e avançadas) de uso na prática diária e cada habilidade em formato lógico e consistente: Coleta de Dados, Planejamento, Implementação, Avaliação – melhorando a qualidade dos cuidados ao paciente. A cada etapa há uma justificativa apropriada correspondente, ajudando-o a entender e a lembrar por que são utilizadas técnicas específicas. Alertas de Segurança ressaltam os riscos incomuns inerentes à etapa subsequente da habilidade, ajudando-o a planejar com antecedência cada etapa dos cuidados de enfermagem. O ícone Luva é um lembrete para o uso de luvas limpas antes de proceder à próxima etapa da habilidade, aumentando a segurança do paciente. As seções de Delegação e Colaboração explicam quando delegar uma habilidade ao pessoal auxiliar de enfermagem, além de indicar qual informação-chave deve ser compartilhada. O livro ressalta as Considerações Especiais como informações exclusivas para pacientes pediátricos ou geriátricos, a fim de elevar a percepção dos riscos adicionais a serem enfrentados quando se cuida de uma população diversa de pacientes. Fornece amostra de documentação dos registros de enfermagem para você aprender a se comunicar com eficácia com a equipe de cuidados do paciente. O conteúdo adaptado à realidade brasileira permitirá que o leitor conheça como os procedimentos são realizados no contexto da enfermagem brasileira. É, portanto, uma obra cujo conteúdo, apesar de traduzido, poderá ser usufruído de forma integral.
A nova edição possui conteúdo preciso e atualizado, com as últimas pesquisas baseadas em evidências para favorecer os estudantes de enfermagem nas aulas e no competitivo campo profissional. Escrito por experts da área, o livro tem uma abordagem didática e estudo integrado à prática, facilitando a compreensão e construção do raciocínio clínico no cuidado do paciente. Adaptado à Realidade Brasileira, destacando-se as políticas de saúde do SUS, como a estratégia de Saúde da Família e assistência à saúde do idoso no Brasil. Além de informações sociodemográficas e epidemiológicas, código de Ética de Enfermagem, Legislações Brasileiras, medicamentos, informações da Anvisa e Procedimentos. Apresenta quadros de Construção de Competências, práticas baseadas em evidências e educação do paciente e estudos de casos clínicos com mais de 725 questões de revisão para praticar os conceitos de plano de cuidado e mapas conceituais. Inclui mais de 55 demonstrações de habilidade para guiar você passo a passo para a realização de cuidados de enfermagem com total segurança e modelos de raciocínio crítico que demonstram como aplicar o processo de enfermagem para resultados clínicos bem sucedidos. Resultados NOC, intervenções NIC e os mais recentes diagnósticos NANDA incorporados aos Planos de Cuidados refletem os padrões de cuidados que você encontrará na prática. Glossário de enfermagem que fornece acesso rápido e conveniente através de definições de todos os termos-chave.

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