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This innovative approach to the fundamentals of electric power provides the most rigorous, comprehensive and modern treatment available. To impart a thorough grounding in electric power systems, it begins with an informative discussion on per-unit normalizations, symmetrical components and iterative load flow calculations. Covering important topics within the power system, such as protection and DC transmission, this book looks at both traditional power plants and those used for extracting sustainable energy from wind and sunlight. With classroom-tested material, this book also presents: the principles of electromechanical energy conversion and magnetic circuits; synchronous machines - the most important generators of electric power; power electronics; induction and direct current electric motors. Homework problems with varying levels of difficulty are included at the end of each chapter, and an online solutions manual for tutors is available. A useful Appendix contains a review of elementary network theory. For senior undergraduate and postgraduate students studying advanced electric power systems as well as engineers re-training in this area, this textbook will be an indispensable resource. It will also benefit engineers in electronic power systems, power electronic systems, electric motors and generators, robotics and mechatronics.
“This book is packed with principles and insights for developing your full potential.” —From the foreword by John C. Maxwell A Wisdom PerspectiveThe best chance of real success in business, in government, in the family, in our personal goals—in any realm of life—is to develop a perspective that will enhance and expand upon what we already bring to the table. What we need is a wisdom-driven perspective. Our society is devouring information and knowledge but starving for the critical viewpoint of wisdom. We don’t really have a leadership problem, a financial problem, a relationship problem, or a problem with any other issue—we ultimately have a wisdom problem. And the only solution is a wisdom-driven outlook. Our outlook—how we perceive reality—really does determine our outcome. A Plan for Success Power Principles by Dr. Dale C. Bronner guides you into the countless benefits of the wisdom-driven life. The time-tested principles in this volume, gleaned from four decades of experience, study, and application, lead you step-by-step into foundational wisdom for building a strong and prosperous life and creating a concrete plan for both personal and professional success. A Life of Legacy The life we live is the legacy we leave. Legacy is not only about the future; it’s about what we are doing right now. When we are successful, it adds value to us, but our significance comes when we add value to other people, lifting them to a higher level in life. Power Principles shows you how to build an intentional legacy, bringing prosperity to the lives of others today—and impacting future generations with the wisdom-driven life.
A guide on how to influence people without coercion or fear explains how to get people to respect who you are, what you stand for, and where you want to get in life
In a church culture that is rapidly losing its unique, intergenerational make-up in favor of small groups and even entire churches designed to target specific age groups, it can be difficult for ministers to relate to those who are not in their own demographic. But Warren and David Wiersbe, representing two generations, believe that generational differences should not keep ministers from relating to their congregations. In this thoughtful and practical book, they offer ten principles for Christian service that always work, at all times and in all places, inviting ministers to get back to the basics of serving others. New and seasoned pastors alike will find this a welcome source of inspiration and instruction on how they can relate and minister to people of all ages.
God is moving with power in the world today. From the operational role of the Holy spirit to warfare worship, from prophecy to miraculous healing, from demonic deliverance to powerful prayer and the new power levels taking place. God is at work in our daily lives. But are we actively taking part in His manifestation of power? Whether readers are seminary graduates or not, everyone who reads this book will come away with important lessons and practical applications of the power of the Holy Spirit. God wants to work with power in and through individuals, churches and seminaries in more ways than we may realize.
You feel it! Your blood rushes to your head, your heart is pounding heavily against your chest. Your adrenaline is racing, a burning sensation creeps throughout your body, you feel violent and explosive as your countenance changes. What is it! Anger. Seeking to run rampant and uncontrolled. Power Principles for Managing Anger offers proven and practical anger management solutions from a timeless approach. It's a must read! For those attempting to deal with anger and resolve conflict. A must have! For youth organizations, religious sectors, home, the work place, libraries. Never be caught off guard again. Join the author on a journey of self-development combined with biblical principles as she recounts life experiences that is sure awaken the peaceful man within. Stop Rethink, and React ...Choose to be made whole.
Are you stuck in a cycle of wanting to do but never doing? Do you wish someone would just tell you what your next move should be? Many people are currently struggling with an obstacle between them and their goals. They may be hindered by the lingering doubt of a previous failure, perception of inability, or even the fear of starting. Fortunately, Robert Lyons has outlined seven steps to get 'unstuck,' move past your obstacles, and turn your plans into realities. He will teach you how to find power in your mistakes and your adversity, rather than letting them get the best of you. These simple steps will give you tools to move forward not only professionally but also spiritually. Through faith, focus, and follow-through, these Power Principles will help you move from where you are to where you want to be. Power is something that you can have and use right now. If you are interested in taking some steps to a more powerful life, turn the page, dig in, and make it happen!

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