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"I have a secret prayer," confesses humorist Nancy Kennedy. "Every night before I go to sleep, I pray that I will wake up with a body like Cindy Crawford's...that the pile of Hershey kisses I ate won't go directly to my thighs...that one day someone will push a refrigerator-size check in my face and say, 'You've just won 11 million dollars!'" But Kennedy has also prayed for "nobler" things - like patience, strength, and a deeper trust in God. But, as she's found, prayers are not always answered in the way one expects. Like many others, she has wondered: "Why do I sometimes get immediate answers to my prayers, completely unexpected answers to others, and occasionally no answer at all? What can I legitimately pray for, according to the Bible? Will God respond to my prayers if I lack faith that He'll answer? Does God even need my prayers, since He must know what He wants to do already? With lighthearted humor and godly wisdom, Nancy Kennedy explores readers' most burning questions about prayer, solving a great deal of the mystery through an examination of those wonderful prayers God always answers: ones that lovingly conform us to the image of Christ. From the Trade Paperback edition.
When God asked me to write this book, at first I made all kinds of excuses. However, He reminded me all the Visions He blessed me for over 25 years of intimate relationship with Him; I realized that this was the very purpose of my existence. Therefore, I switched gear from oncology nurse and mother roles to my number one job, as a "Servant of God." My responsibility to God is to prepare the way for our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I have to announce to the entire world that Jesus is coming in this generation and we will see Him with our own eyes. This book will serve as the last trumpet call from "The Almighty God." "Father God, I put your treasures (visions/dreams) together as You commanded me, I hope You will like it because this is my gift for You this coming Father's Day. Happy Father's Day God, and I love You."
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This lively book for introductory Old Testament classes offers an appealing illustration of how faith and academic study can work together, motivating and equipping Christian believers to turn to the Old Testament as a profound resource for their daily negotiations of faith, identity, and culture. Throughout, Carolyn J. Sharp focuses on the basic fundamentals that are a necessary part of every student's education.
This perfectly delightful and all-inclusive resource covers Years A, B, and C of the liturgical cycle. It is perfect for parishes who schedule a childrens Liturgy of the Word as well as for those who simply want materials to prepare children for the weekly liturgy. It is geared to ages 5-8 and for each week of the lectionary cycle there are creative hand-out activity sheets that involve children in the scriptural message. Best of all, it offers informative background notes and directions for liturgy leaders, parents, catechists, and all who work with parish children. This is a must-have resource for every parish.

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