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In a land where Kings still rule, I am a Princess. You must know me only as Sultana, for I cannot reveal my true name for fear that harm will come to me and my family for what I am about to tell you. Think of a Saudi Arabian princess and what do you see? A woman glittering with jewels, living a life of unbelievable luxury. She has gold, palaces, swimming-pools, servants, designer dresses galore. But in reality she lives in a gilded cage. She has no freedom, no vote, no control over her own life, no value but as a bearer of sons. Hidden behind the veil, she is a prisoner, her jailers her father, her husband, her sons. 'Sultana' is a member of the Saudi royal family, closely related to the King. For the sake of her daughters, she decided that it was time for a woman in her position to speak out about the reality of life for women in her country, whatever their rank. She tells of her own life, from her turbulent childhood to her arranged marriage - a happy one, until her husband decided to take a second wife - and of the lives of her sisters, her friends and her servants. In contrast to the affection and easy camaraderie amongst the women, she relates a history of appalling oppression against them, everyday occurrences that in any other culture would be seen as shocking human rights violations: forced marriages, servants bullied into sex slavery, summary executions. Princess is a testimony to a woman of indomitable spirit and great courage. By speaking out, 'Sultana' risked bringing the wrath of the Saudi establishment upon her head and upon the heads of her children. For this reason, she told her story anonymously.
"The story of Sultana in Princess: a true story of life behind the veil in Saudi Arabia, written by Jean Sasson, proposes an autobiography of a woman in the royal family in Saudi Arabia. Assuming the voice of a woman who cannot tell her own story, Sasson, as an amanuensis, recounts Sultana's autobiography. Sultana's life experiences come from journals she has kept since she was eleven years old. A study of the book, according to the genre and theories of autobiography, will reveal whether or not the opinions told can be viewed as valid. Through this thesis and its research, another argument rises from another autobiographical dimension, that of this thesis writer and researcher, a Saudi female. The conclusion of the study will show if the text matches the reality of the claims in the book about Saudi society. Through the narrative, 'Sultana' says that her situation is similar to the rest of the Saudi female population. 'Sultana' claims that her comments are true for all Saudi women. For verification of that claim, this study will examine gender roles, social conditions, and women's rights in response to Sultana's comments upon them. It will also provide the history of the state of feminism in the Arabian Peninsula, which influences the status of women in Saudi Arabia. A deliberative reliance on feminist criticism will constitute part of the thesis. As a conclusion, analysis of the text provides understanding of this exotic society, for someone who is outside of this society, and the role played by its women. Further, it reveals the gender complexity which exists between men and women in Saudi Arabia."--Abstract.
Chronicles the fates of the two daughters of a Saudi Arabian princess--the elder, driven by isolation and fear into a lesbian relationship and mental breakdown, and the younger, who is seduced by fundamentalist fanaticism
The only study guide of the three PRINCESS books authorized by the writer JEAN SASSON. This study guide includes an interview with Jean Sasson and with Princess Sultana Al-Saud Princess Triology Study Guide: Book I: PRINCESS: A True Story of Life Behind the Veil in Saudi Arabia Book II: Princess Sultana's Daughters Book III: Princess Sultana's Circle
In the international bestseller, Princess: The True Story of Life Behind the Veil in Saudi Arabia, Princess Al-Sa’ud and the acclaimed author Jean Sasson began a remarkable series of books. Now, more than twenty-five years later, this compelling journey continues as we follow the fortunes and the dazzling life of the Princess, her friends and her family. But, of course, there is a less glamorous, much darker side to this engaging series, and in Stepping Out of the Shadows Jean and the Princess focus their attention on how, despite positive news on civil rights reforms, Saudi women still suffer physical and psychological abuse and have little legal protection due to the archaic guardianship laws of the land. So, although this is a kingdom on the threshold of revolutionary change – change spearheaded by the young Saudi Crown Prince who is keen to modernize his country – any thoughts of equal rights and the chance to lead an independent life remain little more than dreams for most Saudi women. Whilst the Princess acknowledges and welcomes the reforms that are on the horizon, through stories of joy and sorrow, we see how she is determined to continue to fight for equal rights for women in this, her beloved kingdom.
This book paints a horrifying reality for women of the desert kingdom. It is a haunting look at the danger of Saudi male dominance and the desperate lives of the women they rule.
After the recent success of Princess, More Tears to Cry the Princess Al-Saud and Jean Sasson are collaborating on this new book to bring readers up to date not only with the Princess and her family but the stories and experiences of characters who formed the focus of the last book: Dr Meena - the woman who helps abused women to heal and fight for their rights, and Fatima, the mother of twin daughters who, once abused and abandoned by her family, now works for the Princess in one of the royal palaces. Here too, are the stories of other Muslim women - women who are struggling with human rights abuses from across the region - from Pakistan, Syria and Northern Lebanon - and the many innocent victims who suffer the consequences of ISIS's march across the Middle East. This new book will attract both Jean Sasson's many loyal readers and new audiences eager to learn more about not only how the Saudi Royal family live, but how with courage and determination the Princess continues the fight for equal rights for women in the Middle East.

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