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This top-selling book will serve as the compass and road map to your school's professional development journey. A comprehensive and authoritative resource you will go to again and again, this book helps guide principals, directors of professional development, school/district committees, and other leaders in creating an effective professional development program that moves ideas from knowledge to action. Topics include: Learning Communities, Job-Embedded Learning, Coaching, Teacher Study Groups, Critical Friends, Lesson Study, Portfolios, And more! Additionally, this book features helpful case studies, useful forms and templates, sample agendas, and other invaluable resources for professional development. The second edition contains the following enhancements: 1) Expanded coverage of job-embedded learning, which is a cost-effective way for administrators to enhance professional development with their staff 2) More information on the theoretical grounding of professional development with applications that can be readily adapted for use in schools 3) Updated references and figures to reflect newly published literature on the topics covered 4) User-friendly tabs, so you can find and return to your favorite sections time after time
This is a practical guide to evaluating professional development programs at five increasing levels of sophistication: participants' reaction to professional development; how much participants learned; evaluating organizational support and change; how participants use their new knowledge and skills; and improvements in student learning.
This comprehensive resource examines five major models of professional development and how they can be implemented and tailored to meet the multifaceted needs of any school or district.
Supervision: New Perspectives for Theory and Practice co-edited by two prominent scholars in the field (Jeffrey Glanz and Sally Zepeda), draws attention to supervision as a function that is often misunderstood, under-appreciated, and frequently controversial. Much has changed in the last two decades in the education world. These changes have inevitably influenced the theory and practice of supervision. This text includes some of the top scholars in the field in the USA to offer their insights to important topics and issues in supervision. To strike a balance, the editors also included award-winning practitioners who share their insights about supervision. We hope that this volume raises awareness to several critical issues that affect teachers, administrators, and policy makers. With the range of topics associated with supervision, we believe that the authors offer an informed and lively discussion of supervision in the present and future contexts of schools. Through our efforts, we believe that the multiple contexts in which supervision unfolds are examined alongside trends including high-stakes testing, the uses of data, the work superintendents do to supervise principals, and the type of supervision that builds a just and caring school culture that is culturally relevant and respectful for teachers and leaders.
This comprehensive handbook synthesizes the best current knowledge on teacher professional development (PD) and addresses practical issues in implementation. Leading authorities describe innovative practices that are being used in schools, emphasizing the value of PD that is instructive, reflective, active, collaborative, and substantive. Strategies for creating, measuring, and sustaining successful programs are presented. The book explores the relationship of PD to adult learning theory, school leadership, district and state policy, the growth of professional learning communities, and the Common Core State Standards. Each chapter concludes with thought-provoking discussion questions. The appendix provides eight illuminating case studies of PD initiatives in diverse schools.
Schools can and do affect student achievement, and this book recommends specific-and attainable-action steps to implement successful strategies culled from the wealth of research data.
Do you ever wonder whether researchers and professional developers really know what it's like to be a school leader? Do you sometimes struggle to connect articles and conference presentations with the challenges you face day to day? For award-winning educator William Sterrett, the answer to those questions was a resounding yes. So he made it his mission to identify the most important issues facing today's school leaders and offer practical, effective strategies for success. Drawing on his own experience as a teacher and principal and on interviews with nine distinguished practitioners--including Carol Ann Tomlinson, Richard DuFour, Baruti Kafele, and James Popham--Sterrett merges current research and theory with lessons from successful educators who have truly "been there, done that." Each chapter of Insights into Action carefully examines a particular topic of relevance, translating research and experience into replicable, sustainable practices and offering ways to overcome barriers to success. You'll learn * How to be a more effective leader, including ways to turn your school vision into reality, become a learning leader, make professional development more meaningful, and achieve the elusive work-life balance; * How to strengthen your learning community by differentiating instruction and leadership, fostering a positive school climate, and incorporating learning experiences outside the classroom; and * How to face the challenges of today, including ways to infuse technology into your school community, gather and apply useful data, and turn crises both big and small into success for all. Each chapter includes Action Items and In-the-Field Activities to extend the discussion, help you apply the book's insights and strategies, and enable you to realize actual growth in your school. In a job filled with constant stressors and challenges, it's important to have a solid, well-grounded perspective. Insights into Action offers both practical lessons and inspiration to handle whatever comes your way.
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