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The companies and their business environment are facing drastic challenges within the age of globalisation. On the one hand, the companies are exposed to market saturation and enormous pressure in Europe and the USA, while on the other hand, they notice attractive production locations and a huge market potential in China. In the highly industrialised nations, migration to so-called low cost countries has become a business management trend. When it comes to the construction of new industrial facilities - which is the foundation for producing new products, project management becomes a key part of the globalisation process. However, project management in China leads to new challenges and traps for western executives. Unlike in European countries, China is an 'individual related' country, where the personal relationships has a greater effect in business success. Knowledge of human nature becomes more important in China than it is regarded in western countries, where facts and figures predominantly determine the communication within the business environment. In China, the soft side of management provides a new challenge. What is the key to successful business in China? It is not only dependent on hard factors or hard skills such as knowledge, specialised know-how or expertise. The personal culture in China requires so-called soft skills, which adversely affect business success. They are often underestimated in intercultural project management, in which the project environment demands a collaborative partnership rather than a command-and-control managerial hierarchy. Practice shows that the human factor has a prominent position in project success. To be successful, major attention needs to be drawn to the Chinese way of thinking. Soft skills in communication, negotiation, conflict resolution and team work play a decisive role in business practice and prevent stumbling blocks. To handle business and the differences in tradition, culture and mentality, a sensitive flair is
Current project management practices are strongly informed by traditional Western cultural values and beliefs. Because of this, project managers who live and work in Eastern countries often encounter obstacles when attempting to implement project management within their organizations. This article examines the barriers that the project managers working in organizations based in China's Yunnan Province face when attempting to practice project management, barriers that the authors identified by administering a 40-question survey to 211 postgraduate students in management at Yunnan University. In doing so, it overviews the literature identifying the key cultural values and beliefs common among Chinese organizations; it lists this study's three research questions and compares the managerial differences between project management culture and Chinese organizational culture in relation to four categories: cooperation, authority, teamwork, and orientation. It then outlines the research study, describing its methodology and analyzing its results in relation to the four above-mentioned categories of cultural differences as well as in regard to numerous enterprise-defining factors, such as ownership type and years in business.
As China prepares for the 2008 Olympic Games, enters the WTO (World Trade Organisation) and awaits the multitudes from the West, to each BUYER it could be said: "go East young man, but be sure to take this book with you on your quest!". This is a collection of important and essential information about sourcing, purchasing, and the management of complex projects in China and Hong Kong. Providing valuable details about the entire process, the book describes various types of projects, methods of locating suppliers and project implementation, and also gives tips on how to effectively conclude deals and ship safely to the destination country. The author has drawn on extensive knowledge acquired from years of travel in China and Hong Kong (primarily business trips, but also touring) in order to describe the unique conditions and region-specific problems. The CD-Rom includes: Hotels; Nightlife; Restaurants; Business Information; Places to visit; Shopping; Websites and more...
This dissertation, "Project Management of BOT (build, Operate, & Transfer) Power Stations in China" by 施永墉, Wing-yung, Sze, was obtained from The University of Hong Kong (Pokfulam, Hong Kong) and is being sold pursuant to Creative Commons: Attribution 3.0 Hong Kong License. The content of this dissertation has not been altered in any way. We have altered the formatting in order to facilitate the ease of printing and reading of the dissertation. All rights not granted by the above license are retained by the author. DOI: 10.5353/th_b3126474 Subjects: Electric power-plants - China - Management Project management
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