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Prophetic fishing, according to Jean Blasi, is fishing for men and women by the presence and power of God--evangelism made easy. It comes as a result of supernatural living. We do the "natural" part and let the Spirit of God within us handle the "super" side of things. We don't have to work for God to bring others into his kingdom. Instead, Blasi advises readers simply to breathe in his presence, get out of the way, and let him work through them. It's figuring out what God is already doing and then joining him in it. This is no canned approach to evangelism. It is taking the prophetic gift and applying it to fulfilling the Great Commission in a most natural and powerful way--listening as God shows you who to talk to, then starting the conversation. Blasi helps readers learn to hear God's voice and then to move out in power, letting love be our motivation.
The charisma of prophecy is found throughout the history of the global Pentecostal movement. Within the movement, prophecy is seen as the communication of an inspired, spontaneous revelation, bringing edification to the faith community. Despite its prevalence, academic research has mostly focused on the biblical-theological aspect, neglecting the actual contemporary practice. This book addresses this gap with a study on the practice of prophecy within the Assemblies of God of Singapore. The book investigates the nature, purpose, and significance of the phenomenon. It also identifies theological variables that are correlated with its practice and explicates these relationships. The investigation employs the empirical-theological method of Johannes van der Ven, utilizing both a qualitative and a quantitative study. The results provide a rich description of the actual reception, delivery, and judging of prophecy. Significant findings include relationships between prophecy and courage, love, personality types, prayer types, and evangelism.
Venturing in the prophetic realm is an exciting adventure that changes your life and the lives of others. A team of well-known prophets share their insights and experiences. Inspiring topics include: • Power and Perils of the Prophetic by James W. Goll • Receiving and Responding to Prophetic Ministry by Mickey Robinson • The Prophetic and Justice by Patricia King • The Prophetic and the Realm of Glory by Jeff Jansen • Prophetic Intercession by Michal Ann Goll • Earthing the Prophetic, Bringing Heaven to Earth by Ryan Wyatt God wants to use prophetic means to bring Jesus into reality in your life today. You are about to discover the tangible power of the prophetic realm.
The first chapter of this book deals with the history of Christian mission activity in Western Kenya and points out the particularities of the missionaries as well as the mission churches. Within this context, the history of the African Independent Churches (AICs) is placed, which appear as a mergence of various traditions and motivations: the pursuit of independence from the colonial power and the mission churches connected with it, the preservation of traditional African religiousness and the absorption of Pentecostal piety with its heavy emphasis on the gifts of the spirit. In the following chapters the stance of AICs towards involvement in political debates is explored and discussed. This is done on the basis of semi-structured interviews with local leaders as well as bishops and representatives of church networks. Another topic is the contribution of AICs to the inculturation of the Christian faith in the African context - especially in view of the academic African Theology and the Pentecostal Churches. The last part of the book deals with the question of the future of the AICs and their ecumenical relations - this is done in the context of the rapid expansion Neo-Pentecostal groups and movements.

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