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The third in the popular Psychic Surveys series, Ruby and the team pit their wits against 'the ghost of Gilmore Street', in a case described as 'The New Enfield.'
"It has a magical feel and is a book that you may find yourself staying up late to finish." ~ Arkgirl, Vine Voice A haunting read from SHANI STRUTHERS, author of the Amazon #1 bestselling, THE HAUNTING OF HIGHDOWN HALL. "The dead of night, Jess, I wish they'd leave me alone." Jessamin Wade's husband is dead - a death she feels wholly responsible for. As a way of coping with her grief, she keeps him 'alive' in her imagination - talking to him everyday, laughing with him, remembering the good times they had together. She thinks she will 'hear' him better if she goes somewhere quieter, away from the hustle and bustle of her hometown, Brighton. Her destination is Glenelk in the Highlands of Scotland, a region her grandfather hailed from and the subject of a much-loved painting from her childhood. Arriving in the village late at night, it is a bleak and forbidding place. However, the house she is renting - Skye Croft - is warm and welcoming. Quickly she meets the locals. Her landlord, Fionnlagh Maccaillin, is an ex-army man with obvious and not so obvious injuries. Maggie, who runs the village shop, is also an enigma, startling her with her strange 'insights'. But it is Stan she instantly connects with. Maccaillin's grandfather and a frail, old man, he is grief-stricken from the recent loss of his beloved Beth. All four are caught in the past. All four are unable to let go. Their lives entwining in mysterious ways, can they help each other to move on or will they always belong to the ghosts that haunt them? From the author of the bestselling PSYCHIC SURVEYS series. ~~~ The Psychic Surveys series: Psychic Surveys Prequel: Eve - A Christmas Ghost Story Psychic Surveys Book One: The Haunting of Highdown Hall Psychic Surveys Book Two: Rise to Me Psychic Surveys Book Three: 44 Gilmore Street Psychic Surveys Book Four: Old Cross Cottage COMING SOON Psychic Surveys Companion Novellas: Eve: A Christmas Ghost Story Blakemort * Only EVE and BLAKEMORT are standalone stories. The main PSYCHIC SURVEYS books are all follow-ups!*

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