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Opens a way for hope, forgiveness, redemption, and love to spring from evil
This book defends antitheodicism, arguing that theodicies, seeking to excuse God for evil and suffering in the world, fail to ethically acknowledge the victims of suffering. The authors argue for this view using literary and philosophical resources, commencing with Immanuel Kant’s 1791 “Theodicy Essay” and its reading of the Book of Job. Three important twentieth century antitheodicist positions are explored, including “Jewish” post-Holocaust ethical antitheodicism, Wittgensteinian antitheodicism exemplified by D.Z. Phillips and pragmatist antitheodicism defended by William James. The authors argue that these approaches to evil and suffering are fundamentally Kantian. Literary works such as Franz Kafka’s The Trial, Samuel Beckett’s Waiting for Godot, and George Orwell’s Nineteen Eighty-Four, are examined in order to crucially advance the philosophical case for antitheodicism.
Palmquist’s Commentary provides the first definitiveclarification on Kant’s Philosophy of Religion in English; itincludes the full text of Pluhar’s translation, interspersedwith explanations, providing both a detailed overview and anoriginal interpretation of Kant’s work. Offers definitive, sentence-level commentary on Kant’sReligion within the Bounds of Bare Reason Presents a thoroughly revised version of Pluhar’stranslation of the full text of Kant’s Religion, includingdetailed notes comparing the translation with the others still inuse today Identifies most of the several hundred changes Kant made to thesecond (1794) edition and unearths evidence that many major changeswere responses to criticisms of the first edition Provides both a detailed overview and original interpretationof Kant’s work on the philosophy of religion Demonstrates that Kant’s arguments in Religion arenot only cogent, but have clear and profound practical applicationsto the way religion is actually practiced in the world today Includes a glossary aimed at justifying new translations of keytechnical terms in Religion, many of which have previouslyneglected religious and theological implications
Recent discussions in the philosophy of religion, ethics, and personal political philosophy have been deeply marked by the influence of two philosophers who are often thought to be in opposition to each other, SÃ ̧ren Kierkegaard and Emmanuel Levinas. Devoted expressly to the relationship between Levinas and Kierkegaard, this volume sets forth a more rigorous comparison and sustained engagement between them. Established and newer scholars representing varied philosophical traditions bring these two thinkers into dialogue in 12 sparkling essays. They consider similarities and differences in how each elaborated a unique philosophy of religion, and they present themes such as time, obligation, love, politics, God, transcendence, and subjectivity. This conversation between neighbors is certain to inspire further inquiry and ignite philosophical debate.
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In 15 insightful essays, Jacques Derrida and an international group of scholars of religion explore postmodern thinking about God and consider the nature of forgiveness in relation to the paradoxes of the gift. Among the themes addressed by contributors are the possibilities of imagining God as unthinkable, imagining God as non-patriarchal, imagining a return to Augustine, and imagining an age in which praise is far more important than narrative. Questioning God moves readers beyond the parameters of metaphysical reason and modernist rationality as it attempts to think the questions of God and forgiveness in a postmodernist context. Contributors include John D. Caputo, Jacques Derrida, Mark Dooley, Francis Schüssler Fiorenza, Robert Gibbs, Jean Greisch, Kevin Hart, Richard Kearney, Cleo McNelly Kearns, John Milbank, Regina M. Schwartz, Michael J. Scanlon, and Graham Ward. Indiana Series in the Philosophy of Religion_Merold Westphal, general editor

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