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Welcome to Red Light Properties, a Miami Beach real estate agency run by schlubby shaman Jude Tobin and his success-starved wife Cecilia that specializes in selling previously-haunted housesƒ once they've removed the lingering spirits of their former occupants. From Eisner-nominated writer/artist Dan Goldman!
Married couple Jude, a phenomenologist, and Cecilia, a real estate broker, run a Miami-based business in which they exorcise and flip haunted dwellings, but their professional dealings place a strain on their relationship.
This is the next volume in series of Light Scattering Reviews. Volumes 1-5 have already been printed by Springer. The volume is composed of several papers ( usually, 10) of leading researchers in the respective field. The main focus of this book is light scattering, radiative transfer and optics of snow.
This volume is an essential handbook for anyone interested in performing the most accurate spectrophotometric or other optical property of materials measurements. The chapter authors were chosen from the leading experts in their respective fields and provide their wisdom and experience in measurements of reflectance, transmittance, absorptance, emittance, diffuse scattering, color, and fluorescence. The book provides the reader with the theoretical underpinning to the methods, the practical issues encountered in real measurements, and numerous examples of important applications. Written by the leading international experts from industry, government, and academia Written as a handbook, with in depth discussion of the topics Focus on making the most accurate and reproducible measurements Many practical applications and examples

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