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The definitive biography of Joe Strummer, released with a new epilogue to mark the 60th anniversary of his birth. Chris Salewicz was an intimate friend of Strummer’s for over 25 years. Drawing on more than 300 interviews with family, friends and associates, this is a comprehensive, compelling insight into the man behind The Clash.
Redemption Song is the story of the Souths most evil, murderous Antebellum slave owner, who after a series of events, changes his ways, frees his slaves, and becomes the most generous, benevolent man in the South. J.R. (John Reynolds, Little Johnny, Floyd Donovan) Slaves: Jesse, Maggie, Josiah, Sarah, (Jesse and Maggies children). Luke Ol Josh Beatrice: J.R.s wife Time Travel: Modern Times: year 1830s to 2008 Floyd Donovan: J.R. Dr. James Freeman: (DJF) Wess Brother Wes Freeman: Administrator Maggie: Custodian Jason, Becky, Don, Chris, Eric.
A unique insider's account of Obama's journey from fledgling politician in Chicago through his acrimonious tussle with Hillary Clinton and culminating in his momentous victory over John McCain.
Is redemption seeking forgiveness from those you've sinned against, or is it something deeper? Quinn has to find the answer to that question when he returns to Portland three years after running away from himself and what he had done. Now he has a past he cannot talk about, and a mission to redeem himself. To do this, he has to first find the people he left behind, and this proves to be much harder than he had expected. Quinn has to navigate his way though a path of betrayal, guilt, and the underground world of rockabilly scenesters on his own particular road to redemption.
New edition. A new afterword considers Ali and his legacy in light of the war on terror and new connotations of Islam and the West. Is there a more characteristic figure of the 1960s than Muhammad Aliplayful and political, popular and non-conformist, defiant and triumphant? Mike Marqusee puts the great boxer back in his true historical context to explore a crucial moment at the crossroads of popular culture and mass resistance. He traces Ali's interaction with the evolving black liberation and anti-war movements, including his brief but fascinating liaison with Malcolm X, as well as his encounters with Martin Luther King, Jr. Marqusee's elegant and forceful narrative explores the origins and impact of Ali's dramatic public stands on race and the draft, and reinterprets the "Rumble in the Jungle," shedding new light on its triumph and tragedy. Above all, he imbues Ali's story with a long-neglected international dimension, revealing why Ali was embraced with such warmth by diverse peoples across the globe. This timely antidote to the apolitical celebration of Ali as "a great American" revisits the man and the period with a fresh eye, casting new light on both his courage and his confusions.
Raised as an only child, Caia Paine once believed she had everything she would ever need to live a rich and contented life. The last thing she ever expected was that she would wake up one morning, despairing, and so full of loathing that even the sky is darkened by the potency of her anger. After her only son, Jack, is taken from her in a tragic accident, Caia finds herself obsessed with the man she holds responsible for Jack’s death, pursuing him all the way to Jerez, Spain. There she embarks upon a journey that will lead her to suspect her own moral boundaries. It is a dangerous game that will forever change Caia and make her question the nature of her paradise lost. REDEMPTION SONG is a compact, potent work of fiction in which nothing is entirely what it seems and answers are elusive. Surprising, revealing, and telling, it is the work of a rare storyteller.
War comes to a tiny west African country, with tragic consequences for two teenage boys, Samu and Emmanuel. However, in the case of Emmanuel, all is certainly not doom and gloom. The story of the war and Samus part in it is interwoven with excerpts from a journal in which Emmanuel recounts his experiences of growing up, as well as of the war and its effects on his life.

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