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Owner of a small African-American bookshop, Miss Cozy has an unique gift: Customers who walk through her door rarely leave without a book that speaks directly to their life. But when Josephine--"Fina"--and Ross arrive in search of an obscure, unpublished manuscript written by a slave woman, Miss Cozy knows that all her visions have been leading her to this magical day. Yet Miss Cozy has no intention of selling the manuscript--no matter the price. So she offers Fina and Ross an alternative. They can read it together at the store. It was not what they hoped for, but their interest in the extraordinary love story is about as strong as their uncanny attraction for one another . . . one they both sense runs much deeper than a kiss. In the course of a few days, Fina and Ross realize that this powerful book has special meaning for the two of them--and that the path to their shared future may be linked to something that happened more than a century ago. . . . From the Trade Paperback edition.
New edition. A new afterword considers Ali and his legacy in light of the war on terror and new connotations of Islam and the West. Is there a more characteristic figure of the 1960s than Muhammad Aliplayful and political, popular and non-conformist, defiant and triumphant? Mike Marqusee puts the great boxer back in his true historical context to explore a crucial moment at the crossroads of popular culture and mass resistance. He traces Ali's interaction with the evolving black liberation and anti-war movements, including his brief but fascinating liaison with Malcolm X, as well as his encounters with Martin Luther King, Jr. Marqusee's elegant and forceful narrative explores the origins and impact of Ali's dramatic public stands on race and the draft, and reinterprets the "Rumble in the Jungle," shedding new light on its triumph and tragedy. Above all, he imbues Ali's story with a long-neglected international dimension, revealing why Ali was embraced with such warmth by diverse peoples across the globe. This timely antidote to the apolitical celebration of Ali as "a great American" revisits the man and the period with a fresh eye, casting new light on both his courage and his confusions.
"Engrossing." --BEN GILL, Mother Jones "Passionate and detailed." --ROBERT CHRISTGAU, The New York Times Book Review "[An] epic, meticulously researched . . . biography." --ZAC CRAIN, Esquire "The most complete and honest account of Strummer's professional and personal life." --RON WYNN, The Nashville City Paper "There was a time when The Clash . . . was (quite properly) billed as 'The Only Band That Matters.' [This] biography about lead singer Joe Strummer explains why . . . Salewicz, a longtime Strummer associate and chronicler of the punk scene, quickly settles into his groove and stays there, his words as vivid as the lyrics to 'White Man in Hammersmith Palais' or 'London Calling.' Details abound, providing fresh glimpses into the Strummer persona, along with those that preceded it . . . [A] compelling tale of Strummer's too-short life." --LARRY MCSHANE, Associated Press "Will likely go down as the definitive bio of Strummer and the Clash." --JEFF TAMARKIN, Harp
Redemption Song is the story of the Souths most evil, murderous Antebellum slave owner, who after a series of events, changes his ways, frees his slaves, and becomes the most generous, benevolent man in the South. J.R. (John Reynolds, Little Johnny, Floyd Donovan) Slaves: Jesse, Maggie, Josiah, Sarah, (Jesse and Maggies children). Luke Ol Josh Beatrice: J.R.s wife Time Travel: Modern Times: year 1830s to 2008 Floyd Donovan: J.R. Dr. James Freeman: (DJF) Wess Brother Wes Freeman: Administrator Maggie: Custodian Jason, Becky, Don, Chris, Eric.
War comes to a tiny west African country, with tragic consequences for two teenage boys, Samu and Emmanuel. However, in the case of Emmanuel, all is certainly not doom and gloom. The story of the war and Samus part in it is interwoven with excerpts from a journal in which Emmanuel recounts his experiences of growing up, as well as of the war and its effects on his life.
The definitive biography of Joe Strummer, released with a new epilogue to mark the 60th anniversary of his birth. Chris Salewicz was an intimate friend of Strummer’s for over 25 years. Drawing on more than 300 interviews with family, friends and associates, this is a comprehensive, compelling insight into the man behind The Clash.
In little more than four years, Barack Obama rose from political obscurity to become the 44th president of the United States. His election win in November 2008 was a moment of enormous historical magnitude, greeted with an outpouring of emotion in the US and around the world. However, on taking office, Obama was faced with unparalleled challenges as the global economy plunged ever-deeper into crisis and the US struggled with the two wars in which it was enmeshed.In Redemption Song, Niall Stanage tells the extraordinary tale of Obama's journey from community organiser in Chicago to leader of the free world through exclusive interviews with some of the new president's oldest friends and closest advisors. He explores the then-senator's long and acrimonious tussle with Hillary Clinton, sheds new light on his battle with John McCain and running mate Sarah Palin, and hears from the members of the grassroots movement that carried Obama all the way to the Oval Office.He also provides an intimate account of the first phase of the Obama presidency, reporting from within the White House walls on the new Administration's first tests, triumphs and tribulations.

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