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Life at the Heralds' Collegium in Haven has definitely improved for Mags. He's even become something of a hero since risking his own life to rescue Amily--daughter of Nikolas, the King's Own Herald--from Karsite kidnappers. But Mags still doesn't know who his parents were, and Bear, Mags' Trainee friend, was not one to let him forget: "You gotta deal with your past Mags, you have to. If you don't, it'll just keep coming back to haunt you, and one day it'll do something to you that you can't get out of." Mags began his special training as Nikolas' undercover partner and future spy for the crown. Disguised, they work at night in one of the seedier parts of Haven, where Nikolas had set up a false identity as a pawnbroker and fence. Mags poses as his deaf-mute nephew, covertly watching and listening from behind the desk. He was especially good at the trait that had kept him alive as a child laborer in the gem mine--ferreting out hidden motives. Now Mags has graduated to a new role: Nikolas' partner and information broker. Mags channels his old cunning self from the mines and discovers that he's quite good at his new job. So good, in fact, that Nikolas decides to let him open the shop alone one hot, summer night. Mags has barely unlocked the shop when everything goes black in a blinding flash of pain. He wakes with an agonizing headache, bound, blindfolded, in a conveyance of some kind. But worst of all, he's head-blind. No Mindspeech--he can't even sense Dallen. And if he can't sense or hear Dallen, then no one can sense him. And if no one can sense him, no one can come to his rescue.
Structured like a jazz riff, this novel addresses questions of conception and birth, gender, war, and the slouch toward apocalypse.
Explanation of eruptions, lava flows and glacier melting on Redoubt Volcano on the west shore of Cook Inlet, southern Alaska, near Anchorage in 1989 and 1990.
In late 1944/early 1945 the Nazi government began to earnestly shift its records, funds and key personnel into the Alps of southern Germany. Massive amounts of looted treasures and art were shifted into nearby caves, tunnels, and other hideouts, while some 60,000 Nazis swarmed into the region. It was here, in the Alpine Redoubt, constructed with the sweat and lives of thousands of concentration camp victims that our story begins; It was here, the Werwolfs were attempting to slow the Allied advance by killing Eisenhower and other leaders; It was here, that a lone Allied agent discovered the unthinkable, Hitler is alive and in the Alpine Redoubt; It was here, that the remnants of the collapsing Reich would fight the advancing Allied armies for another 2-3 years, costing the lives of an additional 300,000 Allied soldiers; It was here, beneath the ashes of the old Reich, that the dreams and fortunes of a new Reich would spring forth when the time was ripe.
Be good. Or some dark night the sorcerers of Vente may come for you. On the islands of the Tropic Sea, parents caution naughty children to behave, or risk that some dark night the sorcerers of the Vente Islands might to carry them off. The fate of these very naughty children varies from island to island, but it is often whispered that they might end up in a stew. Navy lieutenant Taef Lang must have been a very naughty boy, since one soft, tropical night the Vente came and carried him off. And he certainly ended up in some very hot water. Sailing to Redoubt is the story of his adventures in the company of two Vente Island sorceresses, Sella and Lessie Raah, on a quest to discover the secret of the legendary lost outpost of the world’s first people, the Founders. Equipped with a map, a golden key, and a small yacht, they set sail across the bright, blue, and sometimes deadly, Tropic Sea. Sailing to Redoubt is C. Litka’s sixth imaginary world novel and is filled with the characters, humor, and adventure that are the hallmarks of his writing. C. Litka writes old-fashioned novels with modern sensibilities, humor, and romance. His lighthearted novels of adventure, mystery, and travel are set in richly imagined worlds and feature a colorful cast of well drawn characters. If you seek to escape, for a few hours, your everyday life, you will not find better company, nor more wonderful worlds to travel and explore, than in the novels of C. Litka.
Aristocratic Redoubt: The Austro-Hungarian Foreign Office on the Eve of the First World War is a study of the nobility who served in the foreign office prior to World War I. Following the lead of historians who are reexamining pre-industrial elites in England and Germany, Godsey deals with such facets of aristocratic life as education, wealth, religion, and ethnicity. He contends that although the pre-war aristocracy has been stereotyped as frivolous and decadent, the Austro-Hungarian nobility, and thus the monarchy, in fact had great staying power. This work is a social history of the bureaucracy of the Ballhausplatz primarily in the decade leading up to 1914, though it provides a thorough overview of the service during the entire Dualist period.

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