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What techniques can social scientists use when an outcome variable for a sample is not representative of the population for whom they would like to generalize the results? This book provides an introduction to regression models for such data including censored, sample-selected and truncated data.
Jan Henrik Soll entwickelt eine Methode, wie Unternehmen systematisch Kundenbedürfnisse aufdecken und Ideen für neue Produkte gewinnen können. Durch den Einsatz von Methoden der virtuellen Kundeneinbindung, also der Nutzung des Internets zur Einbindung von Konsumenten in die Produktentwicklung durch ein Unternehmen, können Konsumenten in großer Zahl an der Entwicklung von Produktideen beteiligt werden.
This book of worked-out examples not only accompanies Timothy M. Hagle's earlier book Basic Math for Social Scientists: Concepts, but also provides an informal refresher course in algebra sets, limits and continuity, differential calculus, multivariate functions, partial derivatives, integral calculus, and matrix algebra. Problem sets are also provided so that readers can practice their grasp of standard mathematical procedures.
This book is an accessible introduction to quantitative dataanalysis, concentrating on the key issues facing those new toresearch, such as how to decide which statistical procedure issuitable, and how to interpret the subsequent results. Each chapterincludes illustrative examples and a set of exercises that allowsreaders to test their understanding of the topic. The book, writtenfor graduate students in the social sciences, public health, andeducation, offers a practical approach to making sociological senseout of a body of quantitative data. The book also will be useful tomore experienced researchers who need a readily accessible handbookon quantitative methods. The author has posted stata files, updates and data sets athis website
Designed for researchers and students alike, the volume describes how to perform each stage of the data collection process on the Internet, including sampling, instrument design, and administration. Through the use of non-technical prose and illustrations, it details the options available, describes potential dangers in choosing them, and provides guidelines for sidestepping them. In doing so, though, it does not simply reiterate the practices of traditional communication modes, but approaches the Internet as a unique medium that necessitates its own conventions.

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