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Tim Walden’s photographic forte is capturing relationship images—emotionally resonant images that show the connection between subjects. To achieve this goal, he strives to proceed through a three-step portrait process: capture, adjust, and refine. He studies the clients and does not push the shutter button until he sees some magic unfold. If the clients are still “in the moment,” he may make a slight adjustment to the pose or lighting and capture a second, slightly varied image. If the subjects are still enthralled at that point, he will make a further refinement, producing a portrait that, in Tim’s mind, is the pinnacle shot—the dynamic, emotionally evocative, storytelling images he strives for. In this book, Tim presents over 60 images from some of his most memorable sessions, sharing with readers tips for capturing moments, enhancing the presentation, and truly amplifying the artistry of the capture to produce a fine-art image that will be cherished for generations.
Exploring the art and creativity that exists in portraiture allows us to create a greater awareness of ourselves and our surroundings. From Glamour to Children, Couples, Families, Pets, Executives and more, Klaus Bohn's work lets us really see the emotions, feelings and art contained within these images. Klaus Bohn explores unique compositional elements as well as the use of space, shapes and forms in many of his photographs. His skills have been honed over a lifetime of learning and thousands of dollars spent attending private courses given by the world's top professional photographers including: Joe Zeltsman, Monte Zucker, Dean Collins, Rocky Gunn, Yousuf Karsh, Arnold Newman and many more. Discussing techniques from both the great artists and photographers of our time, this work reveals how to give form and balance to your photographs by combining elements harmoniously in order to see a subject in the strongest way. This book is sure to become a valued resource in your personal library, to be consulted and relied upon for many years to come. Reviews: "Just for a little while, let Klaus be your mentor. His struggling for creativity is revealing, is so evident. Reach out to grab it. Resolve to integrate this highly saleable touch of class into your daily output." Jack Curtis, author, "Wedding Portraits and Photography World" "It is portraitists like Klaus Bohn who have helped retain the artistic essence of the profession by producing a great body of portrait work and he has developed the talent to put into words the deeper meaning of his portraits. The Art Within Portrait Photography will be cherished by the general reader and for those in the profession of portraiture, it is an added educational tool to gain knowledge and inspiration." Ken Whitmire, President, Photography Hall of Fame and Museum "Klaus has been quite successful... and both he and his Photography must be given better than average marks. What follows are epitomized abstractions of some of Klaus' comments on how he operates, and I feel they could be of practical value to you." D.H. Moore, author, "The Practice of Modern Photography" About the Author: Klaus Bohn is a Professional Photographer with a Masters of Photographic Arts and has been honoured with a Fellowship from the SPPA. He has been teaching the art of photography since 1984 to amateurs and professionals alike. Klaus has authored many magazine articles and had his photos published in Range Finder Magazine, the Professional Photographers of Canada (PPOC) Magazine and others. His first book, 50 Principles of Composition in Photography, was published in 2006.
GLORIA GOLDEN Gloria Golden is originally from Brooklyn, New York and now resides in Plainview, New York. After graduating from Baruch College, she attended graduate school at Brooklyn College. Although a painter for many years, it wasn't until 1994 that she began her study of photography with Jules Allen at Queens borough Community College. Studies continued at the International Center for Photography in Manhattan and at the Maine, Woodstock, and Santa Fe workshops. the ability to connect with others has enabled her to publish Remnants of Crypto-Jews Among Hispanic Americans. the book contains oral histories and photographs of descendants of Jews from the Spanish Inquisition. Exhibitions and slide presentations based on the book have provided her with the opportunity to meet a variety of interesting and knowledgeable people across the United States. Several articles about the project on the crypto-Jews have been published in B'nai B'rith magazine, Nuestra Herencia, the Forward, and Mentalities, Mentalities (a scholarly journal produced by Dr. Norman Simms at the University of Waikato, New Zealand). Solo photography exhibits on the crypto-Jews and winning prizes for photographs have encouraged her to publish this book. the journey is what keeps her spirits high and motivates her almost every day of the week. She loves photography, the people she meets and the places she travels. She could never have imagined reaching a point in life where publishing a photography book was an option.
A guide on how to improve scrapbook results using better-quality pictures discusses most-recommended supplies and equipment, providing before-and-after examples that demonstrate the proper application of a range of techniques as well as skill-building activity suggestions. Original.
(Amphoto) Covers the basic start-up procedures and provides useful photo tips plus profiles of 30 international portrait artists. Provides all the tools, techniques, and tactics needed to open a successful portrait studio or make a current studio even more profitable. Softcover.
Acclaimed wedding photographer Tracy Dorr shows you how to capture the moments of genuine emotion and spontaneous interaction that make a wedding beautiful. Through careful observation of the events, relationships, and scenes, you’ll learn how to be in the right place at the right time. Or, if the right moment doesn’t present itself organically, how to set the stage for authentic interactions. You’ll learn to shoot fast and shoot smart in challenging lighting conditions and ever-changing scenes for beautiful images that go beyond the expected. Finally, Dorr shows you how to present these images in client-pleasing products—and to transition your wedding-shooting skills into other subject areas for better overall photography of all your clients.

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