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The general's courage and calm under pressure would be echoed by many other sons and daughters of Manchester in the succeeding centuries, as the hamlet settled around Amoskeag Falls grew into New Hampshire's largest city. John Clayton describes thirty-two of the Queen City's most remarkable residents, from Iwo Jima flag raiser Rene Gagnon and fast-food innovator Richard McDonald to lesser-known but equally compelling figures, including beloved lunch cart driver Arthur Red Ullrich and the late firefighter Dave Anderson. Collecting columns first published in the New Hampshire Union Leader, Clayton reveals the essence of Manchester's enduring strength and appeal: its people.
Looks at the life and accomplishments of novelist, journalist, newspaper publisher, and rancher Caroline Lockhart.
With its white steeple, red brick meetinghouse and verdant common, Hancock is the quintessential New Hampshire village. Author Cynthia Amidon has unearthed stories about this close-knit community from the rich archives at the Hancock Historical Society. In this first ever collection of her well-spun tales, Amidon sketches profiles of ambassadors and scoundrels, renowned artists and forty-niners from Hancock's storied past. Discover how a small band of intrepid settlers triumphed over war, disease and hunger and created beloved traditions like Old Home Day and the Town Meeting. Accompanied by vintage images, these stories reveal the historic charm and vibrant spirit of the town noted to have the "most Currier and Ives Main Street in New England."
This fascinating and moving book brings to life the industrial and immigrant experience which gave birth to Manchester in the nineteenth century and continued to shape the city's destiny well into the twentieth century. More than a hundred years ago, thousands of immigrants from Europe and Canada were drawn to the mills of Manchester by the promise of a better life. In stirring photographs and text, Manchester: The Mill and the Immigrant Experience examines the aspirations, the struggles, and the everyday adventures of Manchester's immigrant families. Reaffirming the power of photography to move and inform us, Manchester: The Mills and the Immigrant Experience creates a vivid picture of life during nearly a century of rapid industrial change. We join the bustle of Elm and Hanover Streets in the 1880s, witness children working at the mighty Amoskeag Manufacturing Company, enter a Greek coffeehouse in the early 1900s, get caught up in the bitter labor strikes of the 1920s, and meet unusual local figures such as the Hermit of Mosquito Pond.
Amoskeag Manufacturing Company experienced extraordinary growth following its founding in 1831. The complex company developed land and water power and produced rifle muskets for the Union army during the Civil War. America fell in love with the beautiful, long-lasting colors and quality of Amoskeag's iconic gingham. The company's history is one of engineering genius and invention, enlightened city planning and visionary leadership. It is also the story of the workers, including thousands of eager immigrants who came to Manchester seeking economic opportunity and personal freedom. The company struggled through labor disputes and conflicts between economics and altruism. When the doors finally closed in 1936, local business leaders saved the property from abandonment and extended the Amoskeag legacy through a new wave of prosperity. Author Aurore Eaton explores this revolutionary industry and its lasting significance in Manchester.
Chesterton's view of Christianity — as a blend of philosophy and mythology, satisfying intellect and spirit — applies to his brilliant book, which appeals to readers' heads as well as their hearts.

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