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This study focuses on the issues of secrecy, ambiguity and flexibility in what is known as the 'morning circle' in German schools. The morning circle has a longstanding tradition in the German school system and is widely practised. Over the past twenty years, this tradition has been the subject of increasing academic debates, many of which have suffered from one-sided viewpoints that reduce the morning circle to a warm-up phase for the school day or a means of teaching language. What has not been addressed in these debates is the initial notion of the circle as 'the primary feature of new education' (Petersen) - which challenged traditional educational ideas -, or the question as to why the morning circle has become so widespread in German schools today.
This book argues that the breaking and re-making of frames of analysis underlie the history of theorizing in anthropology. Pamela J. Stewart and Andrew J. Strathern note that this mode of analysis risks fabricating over-essentialized dichotomies between viewpoints. The authors advocate a mindful, nuanced, people-centered approach to all theorizing-one that avoids total system approaches (-isms) and suggest that theory should relate cogently to ethnography. Mindful anthropology, as this book envisages it, is not a specific theory but a philosophical aspiration for the discipline as a whole.
This volume consists of a number of carefully-selected readings that represent a wide range of discussions and theorizing about ritual. The selection encompasses definitional questions, issues of interpretation, meaning, and function, and a roster of ethnographic and analytical topics, covering classic themes such as ancestor worship and sacrifice, initiation, gender, healing, social change, and shamanic practices, as well as recent critical and reconstructive theorizing on embodiment, performance, and performativity. In their Introduction to the volume, the Editors provide an overall survey and critical consideration of topics, incorporating insights from their own long-term field research and reflections on the readings included. The Introduction and readings together provide a unique research tool for those interested in pursuing the study of ritual processes in depth, with the benefit of both historical and contemporary approaches.
How are ethnographic knowledge and anthropological theory created out of field experiences? Spanning Papua New Guinea, Taiwan, and Scotland, and Ireland, Stewart and Strathern show how fieldwork in apparently different areas can lead to unexpected comparisons and discoveries of similarities in human cross-cultural patterns of behavior.
The Anthropology of Organisations offers a critical overview of the work that for over sixty years anthropologists have been carrying out in and on organisations and of the contribution that this work has made to social theory at large. Moving beyond earlier preoccupations with ’culture’ and ’relationality’, the volume brings together a selection of classic and contemporary articles that cast new light on the relevance of ethnography for organisational and social theory. It offers an indispensable resource for students and scholars interested in the politics behind the institutionalisation of social life.
This volume of nine essays draws together leading scholars in anthropology, social history, musicology, and ethnomusicology to address the roles and functions of music in the Chinese ritual context. How does music, one of a constellation of essential performative elements in almost all rituals, empower an officiant, legitimate an officeholder, create a heightened state of awareness, convey a message, or produce a magical outcome, a transition, a transformation? After an introduction by the volume editors, Bell Yung proposes a theoretical framework for dealing with Chinese ritual sound. A group of three essays focuses on the music for rituals that create political and social legitimacy followed by a second group of essays considering the music associated with rites of passage. Two essays then deal with the music accompanying rituals of propitiation. In all these cases, music is seen to play a critical role, if not the core of the ritual.
A comprehensive survey of Jews in America including their history, immigration laws, education, business, language, religion, literature, art, music, and prominent people.

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