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Book 3 of Yukon Quest historical fiction series set in Alaska in the late 1800s. Miranda Colton, presumed dead, finds herself under the care of a native Alaskan and a studious botanist from England, Teddy Davenport. Miranda only longs to find her friends and and continue north. She fears that her chances are diminishing with each passing day. Teddy is deeply committed to his research of the unique landscape of the rugged Alaskan frontier. But despite his intentions, Miranda's presence awakens a deep tenderness in his character. As a friendship with Teddy blossoms, Miranda struggles inwardly with her earlier dreams. Then the menacing force from the past threatens to destroy everything she holds dear....
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With the building of the railroad and the settlement of the plains, the North West was opening up. The Klondike stampede was a wild interlude in the epic story of western development, and here are its dramatic tales of hardship, heroism, and villainy. We meet Soapy Smith, dictator of Skagway; Swiftwater Bill Gates, who bathed in champagne; Silent Sam Bonnifield, who lost and won back a hotel in a poker game; and Roddy Connors, who danced away a fortune at a dollar a dance. We meet dance-hall queens, paupers turned millionaires, missionaries and entrepreneurs, and legendary Mounties such as Sam Steele, the Lion of the Yukon. Pierre Berton's riveting account reveals to us the spectacle of the Chilkoot Pass, and the terrors of lesser-known trails through the swamps of British Columbia, across the glaciers of souther Alaska, and up the icy streams of the Mackenzie Mountains. It contrasts the lawless frontier life on the American side of the border to the relative safety of Dawson City. Winner of the Governor General's award for non-fiction, Klondike is authentic history and grand entertainment, and a must-read for anyone interested in the Canadian frontier.
Circa 1991 my father sent me a journal written by his great Uncle Leo who at the tender age of 19 left home with his brother George to seek their fortune in the goldfields of the Yukon Territory. The 40-page journal chronicled their 1898 trek and was an honest account of their daily grind. I found the story so compelling that I fleshed out the journal and brought to life the people and places the boys encountered along the way. The story is about family, friendship and the bond created through adversity and misfortune. This narrative also brings to life the last great adventure of the 19th century. A time where the Wild West gave birth to the dawn of the modern age. It is a historical piece which speaks to the heart of the reader through it's two main characters. The novel follows the Healy boy's extraordinary 10,000-mile journey west across the northern states to Seattle and then northward on their boat ride to Skagway Alaska. Their hardship truly begins on their climb up the Chilkoot Pass where 70 men are killed on Palm Sunday morning by a series of avalanches. The push over the pass is halted while 2,000 stampeders look for survivors. After carrying 4,000 lbs. of supplies over the pass, the Healy's spend the next few months at the source of the Yukon River building a boat before sailing the next 500 miles down the Yukon River towards Dawson City in search of gold.
Lights of Lowell Book 3- When tragedy strikes, Jasmine Houston must uproot her family from the Northern mill town of Lowell and take over her family's Southern plantation, The Willows. But upon her arrival, her anti-slavery positions cause strife between Jasmine and her neighbors and relatives. Tensions continue to rise until an explosive act--the burning of The Willows--causes Jasmine and Nolan to flee north. But the lives of the slaves they've promised to protect hang in the balance.
As a Harvey tour guide, Rainy Gordon spends her days in the magnificent landscape of New Mexico. Having already fled a tainted past, Rainy is alarmed when she becomes a suspect in an investigation of stolen Hopi Indian artifacts. The man she loves has been secretly asked to assist the law enforcement groups in finding the thief. When all evidence points in her direction, will the truth be revealed in time?
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