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Travel back 1,900 years through time to visit Ancient Rome. Give yourself a taste of everyday life at the time when Rome was one of the biggest and most splendid cities in the world. See gladiators fighting and chariots racing, look at shops and visit the baths. You can even see a lavish feast in progress.
Travels back in time to visit a castle in the Middle Ages, a band of Viking raiders, the Roman empire, and the Nile River at the time of the pharaohs.
Lets the reader travel back in time and explore the Romans' world.
Through the magic of time travel the reader is whisked back to the year 890, when Viking raiders terrorized Europe.
Library Friendly Edition of original- A spoof travel guide written with time-travellers in mind, this humourous book introduces young readers to all aspects of Ancient Rome, from how they farmed and what they ate to their gods and how they worshipped.
Library Friendly Edition of original- A perfect survival guide for novice soldiers about how to stay alive in the Roman Army.
Discusses the methods and achievements of Roman builders who were responsible for such projects as aqueducts, roads, and bridges.

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