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Runner's World The Runner's Brain shows you how to unlock and capture the miraculous potential of your body's most mysterious and intriguing organ and rewire you mind for a lifetime of athletic success. The book combines cutting-edge brain science and leading-edge sport psychology that author Jeff Brown uses in his private practice. Dr. Brown is a Harvard-trained clinical psychologist specializing in sport and performance psychology and is part of the medical team of several major road races, including the Boston and Chicago Marathons. Chock-full of entertaining tales from runners of all abilities--including some of the greats--The Runner's Brain offers trustworthy information that's been proven to work both in the lab and on the road. Dr. Brown also touches upon his personal experience dealing with aggrieved runners in the medical tent following the tragic events at the 2013 Boston Marathon.
Renowned running coach Coates presents a revolutionary yet simple training method based on rhythmic breathing to help runners at all experience levels improve their performance, prevent injury, and experience the joy of running using a mix of accessible science, Eastern philosophy, and experience.
An updated edition of an authoritative running guide, edited by the winner of the 1968 Boston Marathon, explains key fitness and nutritional practices, providing coverage of everything from proper hydration and selecting appropriate footwear to improving endurance and marathon training. Original.
Every day scientists learn more about how the body adapts to the stress of running--and how various body systems contribute to running performance. Leading the charge is a fresh generation of brilliant young exercise physiologists including Ross Tucker and Jonathan Dugas, whose work has demolished many long-standing beliefs about running. Now Tucker and Dugas, whose blog, Science of Sport, has already created a devoted readership, join with esteemed fitness author Matt Fitzgerald to provide a captivating tour of the human body from the runner's perspective. Focusing on how runners at all levels can improve their health and performance, The Runner's Body offers in a friendly, accessible tone, the newest, most surprising, and most helpful scientific discoveries about every aspect of the sport--from how best to nourish the runner's body to safe and legal ways to increase oxygen delivery to the muscles. Full of surprising facts, practical sidebars, and graphical elements, The Runner's Body is a must-have resource for anyone who wants to become a better--and healthier--runner.
A Story about Running to Think and Live better Do you feel like you have yet to reach your potential? Have you developed a mindset to bounce back from injuries, avoid bad habits and maintain high motivation? 'Running for Better' is a story that can help you to develop a mindset to reach your athletic potential. The writer, Brian Kearney, delivers a blueprint that you can apply to all areas of your life while telling the story of how he cultivated a new sense of direction and clarity in his mid-thirties. Within a single year he progressed from being an occasional runner to running marathons under three hours. Brian has written this book because it's the one he would have wanted to read when he wasn't living his best self. Praise for 'Running for Better' "An honest and gritty story which I could relate to. I feel inspired to go out and train harder and smarter. For anyone that is interested in running is a must read." "He also provided really effective guidance as to how one can improve as a runner, the results of which I am seeing in my own performance." "By the final chapter you feel inspired to apply the highly practical tools and tips he outlines far beyond the sports fields but, in fact, to any or every area of your life." "It's also just a really good read as you chart his progress across a variety of locations and cultures. Highly recommended!" "Loved this book. Great motivational stories for runners and non-runners alike. It's a book I'll hold on to, to use as a guide from time to time. Highly recommend it." "If you are interested in living a good life and striving forward, you should read this book." "The book is full of personal short anecdotes by a person wanting to get out of the rut and perform." "Sports training is a great metaphor of an approach to life and, to me, the most inspiring bits were really those about how sports changed his perception of the world around him, and made him a better person. All in all, it's a brilliant book for both sports people or those looking to get over their own personal challenges." "An excellent read. I'm not a runner but found it to be an engaging read and very motivational. Some great advice on how to look within to better yourself and how to live a more balanced life." "This book has stoked the embers of my higher self by reigniting my ambition for self discipline and self-mastery. Thank you for writing the book I always needed." In 'Running for Better', you will read how Brian trained for marathons and half-marathons while running only three times a week. You will see how you can apply his methods and mindset to your own training regardless of your ability or athletic background. Brian has learned from his own experiences but also by adapting a tried-and-tested mental approach which has improved the lives of elite performers for thousands of years. You will learn how to use this mindset to start reaching your potential. The book is broken into short stories and sections that are easy and enjoyable to read but also so that you can apply to your own life. The table of contents is laid out like a reference section so that you can go straight to the parts that you feel will benefit you the most. Pick up the book now so you can start the first steps to towards realising your best self.

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