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An essential text and one of the most popular introductions to Waldorf education, we are given a lively account of a class teacher and his class from the first through eighth grades in a Waldorf school. It is written especially for parents and educators new to Waldorf education. It is also filled with tips and resources that will aid class teachers. Extensively documented with references to the works of Steiner and others in Waldorf education. Highly recommended.
This book features a comprehensive examination of the parentteacher relationship in all its dimensions, from parent evenings and conferences to communication, conflict, and the life-cycle of parent involvement in their school. In between the chapters on practical advice are sections that consider the issues from a deeper, spiritual dimension. This book is intended to stimulate conversation, self-reflection, and relational practices that awaken community life in and around our schools.
In today's educational crisis, many people are coming to realize that there is far more to a school than imparting knowledge and skills to children. Schools are communities, and like all communities, they can be healthy or unhealthy. School Renewal speaks to the problems and challenges of a school community. Using fairy tales, myths, and personal experience within the Waldorf method of education, Torin Finser describes how teachers and parents can handle such common problems as burnout, personal conflicts, and falling into routine. Most importantly, Finser stresses, an educational community must address the many unseen dimensions of each human being. He shows how these little-understood aspects of the mind can be cultivated and nourished to keep school life alive. School Renewal does not offer formulas and slapdash solutions. Instead it encourages a whole new way of thinking about education and personal growth, both for children and the adults who care about them.
First, one might ask: Why not just read the first three books? After all, Rudolf Steiner wrote them in such a way that the very act of reading them can awaken new faculties. Who could ever duplicate that? It might even seem presumptuous to select passages from books that were constructed by an initiate. To those who have these and other objections, I have the following response: My hope is that the pages in this book serve as an invitation, so that those who work with this material will then be motivated to go to the original texts and work with them more intensively. —Torin Finser

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