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If the dinosaurs go "roar," kids would go "wow!" Dinosaurs have always been the source of fascination because all your kids know about them are stories. They never really saw a real-life dinosaur so perhaps that mystery fuels the fire of wanting to play with the beast. In this activity book, your child will have the chance to learn and interact with dinosaurs. Play today!
Search, seek and find speedy cheetahs, jolly red santas, ferocious dinosaurs, and much much more! Seek and Find is packed full of eye-popping artwork and awesome facts for endless seeking fun! Can you find the Tyrannosarus rex hiding behind the trees? Can you spot the Pterosaurs soaring through the sky? Search, seek and find dinosaurs big and small! Track down the lumbering Diplodocus and find the Velociraptor's feather in these jam-packed Jurassic scenes! Packed full of bustling and bright artwork, Seek and Find Dinosaurs provides fun and facts for hours of fun!
Just imagine roaming the Earth with dinosaurs! Wouldn't that be an awesome experience? With this activity book on hand, you will have the opportunity to experience that first-hand! Playing will not only tickle your imagination and creativity, it will also boost your hand and eye coordination, too. Grab a copy of this activity book today!
This dinosaur-themed activity book is composed of matching and odd one out games. The purpose is to help build strategic and analytic thinking. Of course the most effective of learning is to invest in materials that are fun and highly educational. This way, a child would associate fun to learning, and that's going to fuel interest and deepen the love for education. Grab a copy today!
Believe in what your child can do because that's how he/she will push boundaries of imagination and creativity. Give him/her a copy of this wonderful activity book, too. The pages are filled with dinosaur images to attract the attention, while the activities are designed to keep the attention. At the end of this book, your child should be a more strategic learner with improved working memory. Grab a copy now!
Frank is on a secret mission! Where could the dinosaur be hiding? Is it at the Beach? Is it in Outer Space? Can you help Frank find the missing dinosaur? And what else will you find on your search? Filled with vibrant, wacky look-and-find illustrations from the amazing mind of Katie Abey, join Frank on his search and be amazed and amused with every page!
A new way to reinforce phonics skills while having fun! Beautiful artwork complements 23 lessons ranging from long and short vowels to common consonant sounds. Students will look forward to every new page in this unique resource.

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