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At last, a book for the American Idle. Here is a punny new dictionary of inventive definitions of real words. Acrimony: Spousal support payments following bitter divorce Friction: Novel that rubs you the wrong way Negligence: Woman's forgotten dressing gown Zinfandel: Heathen wine Ranging from the merely fetched (Spaniel: Iberian canine) to the far-fetched (Buccaneer: Piracy in corn pricing) to the neurologically suspect (Giraffe: Very tall spotted decanter), Semantricks will surprise, delight, and even stump the most word-wary pundits. Suffix it to say, you'll never look at diphthong the same way again.
Limericks live! You might think that after all this time the venerable verse form would be exhausted. But this original collection of more than 100 limericks breathes new and delightfully quirky life into the classic form. A brief Foreword introduces the reader to some history and varieties of the limerick over time, and notes that this collection, unlike many others, is mostly comprised of "clean" limericks. Ranging from ingenious puns to more inventive flights of creative fancy, and sprinkled throughout with suitably antic illustrations, these humorous verses will have readers smiling, chuckling, and sometimes laughing out loud.
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