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SEVEN REALLY BIG THINGS THAT WILL MAKE YOU ASTOUNDING!! So, we should leave the basic things we learned about Christ and go on to more mature things. We should not lay again the foundation of turning away from depending on dead human efforts, of believing in God, teaching about immersions, putting hands on people, rising from death, and eternal judgment (Hebrews 6:1-2 PEB). Seven Big Things That Make Life Work focuses on the basic foundational truths of the Christian life in an exciting new way biblical without being religious and scholarly without being dry. Pastor and author Phil Pringle combines a scholarly, biblical approach with a thoroughly Spirit-filled theology. Each principle presented provides insights for developing and maintaining a strong foundation in Christ. At a time when so many leaders in both society and the Church have been exposed by scandal and corruption, both new believers and long-term believers will benefit from examining the real things that make life work successfully. The seven things that will change your life for the better: * Repentance * Faith Toward God * Baptisms * Spiritual Gifts * Laying on of Hands * Resurrection of the Dead * Eternal Judgment The truths revealed make Seven Big Things That Make Life Work a valuable resource for new believers, Sunday school teachers, discipleship and mentoring programs, and Bible study groups.
You’ve heard a lot of opinions about how to live the successful Christian life. Now hear what Jesus said. In What Jesus Said about Successful Living, Haddon Robinson uses the Sermon on the Mount as a springboard to show why the life-changing principles Jesus taught are the way to true happiness. Includes questions for individual or group study. Written by one of the most well-known and best-loved preachers of our day A popular, practical study of Matthew 5-7 Many modern stories help readers understand and apply the principles of Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount
Applying mental science to practical daily use that creates harmony and happiness for the modern-day woman hasn’t been integrated much. This may have caused a wider gap for many women between what they want and what they actually live on every day. This guidebook describes the most essential factors to consider for any individual, especially the modern woman who is keen on navigating the gap of fear, worry, and doubt in life, and stepping into greatness, more success, and prosperity in her relationships, work, and life in general. It is a proven, simplified, universally based step-by-step process that can move anyone who applies it gracefully and diligently to greater heights.
In the ten years since its publication, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People has become a worldwide phenomenon, with more than twelve million readers in thirty-two languages. Living the 7 Habits: Stories of Courage and Inspiration captures the essence of people's real-life experiences, applying proven principles to help them solve their problems and overcome challenges. In this uplifting and riveting collection of stories, readers will find wonderful examples of hope and encouragement as they are touched by the words of real people and their experiences of change-change that got them through difficult times; change that solved family crises; change that mended broken relationships; change that turned their businesses around; change that influenced entire communities.
At about the same time in my life that I became a father, I learned the principle that masculinity bestows masculinity. However, since I did not learn this principle until I was almost 40 years old, I grew up struggling mightily in my own masculine identity and maturity. So I also knew from experience how critically important it was for me to fulfill my responsibility in passing along this principle to my two sons, Jonah and Jacob. Therefore, I created a list of seven “statements of truth” that encompassed what I wanted to teach my sons about becoming and living as a man, an authentic man, the kind of godly man that is described in the Bible. I began telling my sons these truths every night at an early age so they would become engrained in them, as part of their very essence, and my boys would never doubt them. I also spent years preparing for the time when I would elaborate on the full meaning of each truth with my sons, as part of a day of celebration of their entry into manhood. Those years of preparation became this book, which I published to help other fathers (or father-figures/mentors) train their sons (or any boy) how to become a real man. My hope is that this book will be a blessing and an encouragement to every boy who receives it as he enters into (and lives out) authentic manhood.
With my father, what you see is what you get. He doesn't pretend to be some kind of guru, and he doesn't believe he did everything right (which he didn't, despite how hard he tried). But he's definitely confident about what he knows, and eloquent in the way he puts it across. I urge you to put his lessons to the test with your kid, and see how far they'll take you both. I think, once you start reading, you're going to find my dad's confidence and enthusiasm contagious. When I look back now, I remember my father was always focused. Always firm. Always loving. Always thinking about the future. It was kind of like he was always searching for the right way, the most successful way to do things. Make no mistake about it, he was always making sure I watched my p's and q's. I mean always: morning, noon, and night. Without that love and discipline, I would never have gotten to where I am today. You certainly would not have ever heard of Raven-Symon?. Raven-Symon?January 2010 While so many talented and ambitious kids have become tabloid fodder, Raven-Symon?, beloved star of That's So Raven, has remained grounded and happy as she's created a massive franchise for Disney, won multiple Kids' Choice Awards, and made history as the first African-American woman with her own sitcom. The difference? Her parents' positive-approach plan--which you can now use with your own children. As her father and manager, Christopher B. Pearman worked tirelessly to nurture Raven's dream, while teaching her to believe in herself and, most importantly, never losing sight of their family's core values. Inside, Pearman breaks down his plan into eight "Dream Catchers"--spiritual and practical principles that filter out negativity, and allow only affirming thoughts into your child's consciousness. Make no mistake: This is not a guide to stage parenting, but a doctrine for raising your kids to reach their full potential in any endeavor, simple or grand. As a parent, you know there's nothing more important than making sure your children become all they want to be. Dream So Big shows how commitment, responsibility, and dedication to your children's innermost wishes can catapult them to great success--and happiness.

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