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"There is no greater gift you can give to yourself and the people you love in your life than to learn to love who you are at a soul level," writes Angela Blaha. "Remembering that we are from Love is the most freeing and empowering gift of all." How to Remember Your Power through Self-Love and Forgiveness, the first book in the "Show Me" series offers a new way of being that guides readers into the experience of love at a vibrational level. The book includes channeled messages to questions raised by those desiring personal transformation through the deeper understanding and practice of self-love and forgiveness. How to Remember Your Power also includes practical exercises to help readers integrate love and forgiveness into their daily lives and complimentary access to the "Show Me" Meditation Series. As the title suggests, the Show Me books offer a demonstration of the path to the life you've longed for, beginning with wisdom on how to remember your power as you practice self-love and forgiveness.
More and more women entrepreneurs around the world are discovering that they can be successful, fulfilled, and happy. And yet, the steps to becoming successful as a woman, and even as a feminine entrepreneur, can sometimes be very elusive. In this collection of writings, each author give nuggets of wisdom and a few success secrets to empower you in life, spirituality, relationship, and in business.
This inspiring book is a journey to inner peace. Whether you are seeking to improve your personal relationships, work life, or emotional and physical well-being, The Power of Oneness invites you to realize your amazing potential to bring the qualities of the life you want into your physical reality. Sandra Brossman clarifies how you can consciously use the power of thought to live a balanced life and experience unconditional love, health, joy, and abundance. She gently guides you to overcome obstacles standing in the way of your dreams. As her message unfolds, you become aware of the profound impact that your personal peace has in contributing to an outer world of harmony. In these pages you discover how to: Access your inner truth and expand your perceptions. Identify and release self-sabotaging behaviors. Heal emotional wounds. Integrate spiritual values into everyday life. Actively create the world in which you want to live.
Jesus teaches us in John 15:10-12 that remaining in His love, by following His model of love, releases and increases His joy within us. The joy of the Lord is our strength, therefore, as we continue to grow in the love of Christ we become stronger. The Power of Love is a tool to help us do just that. The Power of Love encourages us to be affirmed in the unfailing love of God in spite of our imperfections. It also encourages us to love ourselves Biblically in spite of our imperfections, as well as others in spite of theirs. The Power of Love also reveals how to build your relationship, be it husband and wife, parent and child, couples engaged and dating, siblings, etc., on the solid foundation of Biblical love. God’s way of loving one another is the way to love. His way works. The Power of Love offers you a “21-Day Love Challenge,” where you and your loved ones embark on a three-week journey to strengthen your relationship by expressing eight attributes of love from 1 Corinthian 13:4-8 towards yourself, one another, and others each day. Eight is the number of new beginnings. Take your relationship into a new beginning by taking on the love challenge, which is to follow Christ’s example of genuine and mature love. As you put the principles taught in The Power of Love into practice, you will be walking on the path to new levels of love, joy, peace, and strength.
Gathers questions, quizzes, and exercises designed to uncover hidden talents, support the development of a unique personality, and foster confidence when faced with difficult situations
International Excellence Body, Mind, Spirit Book Awards Winner: Self-help Women spend so much of life nurturing and giving to others that when they find themselves alone—because of an empty nest, the end of a marriage, or the death of a partner—they often struggle with feeling purposeless. This Way Up: Seven Tools for Unleashing Your Creative Self and Transforming Your Life provides a step-by-step way out of this sense of loss and into a life filled with enthusiasm, creativity, and joy. This story of healing centers on the essential wisdom of introspection and on the importance of following one’s dreams. Join the protagonist, Katya, a widow whose two sons have recently left home, as she learns seven tools for uncovering her best self: visualization, heart-centered goal setting, positive focus, meditation on love; meditation on forgiveness, gratitude, and taking action on inspiration. Katya’s experience highlights these insights in an easily digestible, highly relatable format that readers can systematically apply to their own circumstances as they work through This Way Up’s twelve weeks’ worth of day-by-day journaling exercises, thought-provoking questions, and reader support. For any woman who yearns to lead a fuller life but doesn’t know how to begin, this book is an ideal starting point.
Outlines an eight-step program for achieving physical and emotional well-being through practicing forgiveness, covering psychological and spiritual areas with strategies in such areas as letting go of fear, releasing expectations and separating oneself from harm. Original.

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