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Élisabeth Roudinesco’s bold reinterpretation of Sigmund Freud is a biography for the twenty-first century—a sympathetic yet impartial appraisal of a genius admired but misunderstood in his time and ours. Alert to tensions in his character and thought, she views Freud less as a scientific thinker than as an interpreter of civilization and culture.
Uncovers a fundamental change that took place in Western thinking, especially its departure from the Sephardic philosophy found in the Iberian Peninsula during the 13th century.
Examines the life and works of the British author and scholar, best known for his creation of "The Chronicles of Narnia" series.
¿Es usted narcisista? O bien: ¿conoce a alguien que lo sea? Si es así, sabrá que, en contra de lo que afirma la creencia popular, los narcisistas no se aman a sí mismos, y mucho menos a los demás. En realidad se trata de personas que no pueden aceptar su verdadera personalidad, y en su lugar construyen una máscara permanente que esconde su carencia de sensibilidad emocional, su incapacidad para sentir. De hecho, a los narcisistas les preocupa más su apariencia que sus sentimientos. Actúan con frialdad, son seductores y manipuladores, y luchan por conseguir el poder y el control. Pero, en el fondo, al carecer de un sólido concepto de sí mismos, la vida les parece vacía y falta de significado, por lo cual viven en un estado de perpetua desolación.
"[These letters] are the earliest primary source available on Freud's childhood and the only surviving documentation of his adolescence. Wr.
The present volume grew out of a double session of the Boston Collo quium for the Philosophy of Science held in Boston on March 25, 1983. The papers presented there (by Biezunski, Glick, Goldberg, and Judith Goodstein!) offered both sufficient comparability to establish regulari ties in the reception of relativity and Einstein's impact in France, Spain, the United States and Italy, and sufficient contrast to suggest the salience of national inflections in the process. The interaction among the participants and the added perspectives offered by members of the audience suggested the interest of commissioning articles for a more inclusive volume which would cover as many national cases as we could muster. Only general guidelines were given to the authors: to treat the special or general theories, or both, hopefully in a multidisciplinary setting, to examine the popular reception of relativity, or Einstein's personal impact, or to survey all these topics. In a previous volume, on the 2 comparative reception of Darwinism, one of us devised a detailed set of guidelines which in general were not followed. In our opinion, the studies in this collection offer greater comparability, no doubt because relativity by its nature and its complexity offers a sharper, more easily bounded target. As in the Darwinism volume, this book concludes with an essay intended to draw together in comparative perspective some of many themes addressed by the participants.
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