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Helpful, Accessible Guidance for Budding Hedge Funds So You Want to Start a Hedge Fund provides critical lessons and thoughtful insights to those trying to decipher the industry, as well as those seeking to invest in the next generation of high performers. This book foregoes the sensational, headline-grabbing stories about the few billionaire hedge fund managers to reach the top of the field. Instead, it focuses on the much more common travails of start-ups and small investment firms. The successes and failures of a talented group of competitive managers—all highly educated and well trained—show what it takes for managers and allocators to succeed. These accounts include lessons on funding, team development, strategy, performance, and allocation. The hedge fund industry is concentrated in the largest funds, and the big funds are getting bigger. In time, some of these funds will not survive their founders and large sums will get reallocated to a broader selection of different managers. This practical guide outlines the allocation process for fledgling funds, and demonstrates how allocators can avoid pitfalls in their investments. So You Want to Start a Hedge Fund also shows how to: Develop a sound strategy and raise the money you need Gain a real-world perspective about how allocators think and act Structure your team and investment process for success Recognize the patterns of successful start-ups The industry is approaching a significant crossroads. Aggregate growth is slowing and competition is shifting away from industry-wide growth, at the expense of traditional asset classes, to market share capture within the industry. So You Want to Start a Hedge Fund provides guidance for the little funds—the potential future leaders of the industry.
Successful hedge fund investing begins with well-informedstrategy A Guide to Starting Your Hedge Fund is a practical,definitive "how-to" guide, designed to help managers design andlaunch their own funds, and to help investors select and diligencenew funds. The first book to examine the practical aspects ofsetting up and operating funds with a focus on energy commoditymarkets, this book scrutinises the due diligence process andcomprehensively reviews the opportunities and risks of all energycommodity markets as hedge fund investments. Extensive planning andstrategy advice prove invaluable to prospective fund managers andinvestors alike, and detailed discussion of the markets'constraints help inform procedural decisions. Readers gain insightinto practical matters including legal and commercial structures,due diligence, fund raising, operations, and more, allowing them toconstruct a concrete investment plan before ever touching apenny. Asset managers are looking to energy commodities to provideattractive uncorrelated – if volatile – returns. Thesehigh returns, however, are accompanied by high risk. Few investorshave experience evaluating these investment opportunities, and fewprospective fund managers understand the market fundamentals andtheir associated risks. This book provides the answers sorelylacking in hedge fund literature, giving investors and fundmanagers the background they need to make smarter decisions. Understand the markets' structures, opportunities, andrisks Develop a comprehensive, well-informed investment strategy Conduct thorough due diligence with a detailed plan Examine the practical aspects of fund raising, legal and taxstructure, and more Oil has long been traded by hedge funds, but electricity, thefuels that generate electricity, and the environmental productslike emissions allowances and weather derivatives have become thenew "hot" investment strategies. These high returns come withhigher risk, but A Guide to Starting Your Hedge Fund ensuresparticipants have essential information at their disposal.

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