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Deep in the desert there sits a beautiful oasis, ruled by a monarch unlike any other in Erdas. His name is Cabaro, the Great Lion, and he reigns over a kingdom of animals, jealously guarding his golden talisman. No human has ever set foot in the Great Beast’s territory. The journey to his oasis is impossible. As a team, Conor, Abeke, Meilin, and Rollan have achieved the impossible before. But now that team is broken—the friends scattered by a devastating betrayal. The young heroes and their spirit animals have already sacrificed much in their quest for the talismans. But with the world crumbling all around them—and a ruthless enemy opposing their every move—their greatest sacrifices are yet to come.
The adventure continues in this sixth book in the New York Times bestselling series.
A new threat faces the world of Erdas in a new arc in this bestselling series. Confidential until August 11, 2015!
Friend and traitor. Conqueror and king. Hero and villain. Shane is just a boy, but in order to free his people, he's resolved to do whatever -- to become whomever -- his mission requires. Throughout their journey to save the world, Conor, Abeke, Meilin, and Rollan have faced this dangerous foe again and again. But none have learned the truth of the boy who nearly changed the course of history forever. Now that truth is revealed. With an introduction by Tui T. Sutherland, the New York Times bestselling author of Spirit Animals: Against the Tide and the Wings of Fire series, this collection sheds a light on the past, present, and future of the boy who would be conqueror -- and the role Shane has yet to play in the dangers still to come.
Ein unheilvoller Sturm braut sich über Erdas zusammen. Nur die vier Auserwählten und ihre Seelentiere können den Untergang ihrer Welt noch verhindern. Nachdem Conor, Abeke und Rollan ihre Freundin Meilin aus der Gefangenschaft der Eroberer befreit haben, machen sie sich auf den Weg zum Baum des Lebens, denn er entscheidet über das Schicksal von Erdas. Doch eine böse Macht setzt alles daran, die Kinder aufzuhalten ...
DIE HÖHLE DES LÖWEN Rollan und Conor machen sich auf die Suche nach dem Talisman des Löwen Cabaro. Doch Cabaro hasst alle Menschen und will ihnen seinen Talisman nicht geben. Meilin und Abeke, die in der Gewalt der Eroberer sind, sehen unterdessen mit eigenen Augen, wozu ihre Feinde fähig sind. Was können die Kinder gegen so viel Zorn und Grausamkeit aufbieten? Etwas viel Mächtigeres: Freundschaft, Loyalität und Heldenmut.
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