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Reveals the principles by which West Point trains tomorrow's military and business leaders--and demonstrates how they can be applied by any organization or individual
Janice Johnson's 16-year-old son was murdered and the shooter hasn't been arrested. Shelly Vance's husband is facing murder charges for shooting a teenager who he says attacked him in a parking lot. This tragedy is magnified by the racial divide it has created. She wants to stand by her man, but she's keeping a secret that could blow the case wide open. Alax Wilson is the jury foreman. Faced with a dramatic trial that has turned into a media frenzy, Janice, Shelly and Alax are forced to face their own prejudices.
My freshman year of college was a battle, writes Katie, a college student and a strong Christian. The transition from high school to college is one of the most pivotal times in a young person's life. After departing from under the protective wings of their parents, young adults often have trouble holding firm to the Christian faith. 'Stand Your Ground' is an introduction to apologetics for young adults in high school or college. The book includes thirteen chapters that confront the overwhelming intellectual attacks Christian college students face on university campuses. Dean Hardy takes readers on a spiritual and intellectual journey, addressing such issues as the nature of truth and reality, the investigation of other worldviews, the evidence for Christianity, critics' arguments against Christianity, and the relationship between apologetics and evangelism.
In high school your friends are everything. You go to the football games together. Listen to music together. Deal with life, love and cafeteria food together. You're like family. But what happens when the people who used to have your back suddenly turn their backs on you? What happens when your best friends, the ones you can't live without, turn the entire school against you? What happens when it seems like you're the only one left who is trying to do what's right? Joel Penton lived this nightmare. But he also lived the dream that followed - a college football scholarship, a National Championship, the girl of his dreams, and oh, by the way, a new group of friends who really have his back. Is there something special about Joel? Not really. He is just an ordinary guy from a small town in Ohio. So how did he do it? That's what this book is about. The secret to Joel's success. And get this - it's something you can do, too. Like Joel, you can succeed. You can be different. You can do something significant in life. You can truly set yourself apart from the rest if you learn to do one simple thing: Stand Your Ground.
National bestselling authors William W. Johnstone and J.A. Johnstone know what it takes to fight for the red, white and blue. When the battleground is Texas, the outcome is sure to be explosive. . . Freedom Is Never Free After the President closes Guantanamo Bay to hold civilian trials for the terrorists, some of them are relocated to Hell's Gate Prison in West Texas. Until a group of fanatical sleeper-cell shock troops launch an all-out assault to "liberate" their jailed comrades. There's just one problem: they don't know that Army Ranger Lucas Kincaid is working at Hell's Gate. With the town's high school team held hostage and in danger of being executed one by one, Kincaid assembles a ragtag band of survivors and aging hardcore cons into a lethal fighting force to keep the unholy warriors from their deadly mission. And Kincaid and his men are on their own--everyone, from the President on down, orders Kincaid to give in to the terrorists' demands. But warrior Lucas Kincaid, out-numbered and out-gunned, won't back down. One thing's for sure: when the enemy gets to Hell, they'll know America sent them.
What does the Bible say about the right to self-defense? While the 2nd amendment to the U.S. Constitution protects the right of individuals to keep and bear arms, Christians are guided by a higher law - the law of God. The Bible is certainly not silent on this subject. "Stand Your Ground" lays out the foundation for self-defense found in the Old Testament, the New Testament and the example of Jesus in a concise, yet thorough manner. At the same time, common objections to Christian self-defense are considered and overcome.
Misinformation about self-defense rights and laws is what has sparked major debate over the misapplication of lethal force in civilian communities. Bruce Lawlor identifies the major issues in self-defense cases, and the legal approaches used to resolve them. The result is less confusion and greater understanding of what self-defense is, and how to go about determining if a homicide is self-defense or murder.

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