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Despite inevitable questions about gun control, there is a sharp increase in firearm sales in the wake of every mass shooting. Yet, this kind of DIY-security activism predates the contemporary gun rights movement -- and even the stand-your-ground self-defense laws adopted in thirty-three states, or the thirteen million civilians currently licensed to carry concealed firearms. As scholar Caroline Light proves, support for "good guys with guns" relies on the entrenched belief that certain "bad guys with guns" threaten us all. This book explores the development of the American right to self-defense and reveals how the original "duty to retreat" from threat was transformed into a selective right to kill. Light traces white America's attachment to racialized, lethal self-defense by unearthing its complex legal and social histories -- from the original "castle laws" of the 1600s, which gave white men the right to protect their homes, to the brutal lynching of "criminal" Black bodies during the Jim Crow era and the radicalization of the NRA as it transitioned from a sporting organization to one of our country's most powerful lobbying forces.
Studienarbeit aus dem Jahr 2012 im Fachbereich Medien / Kommunikation - Film und Fernsehen, Note: 1,0, Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin (Medienwissenschaftliches Seminar), Veranstaltung: Blick auf die Stadt - Filmdramaturgische Bedeutung des Stadtbildes, Sprache: Deutsch, Abstract: Die Bundesligasaison 11/12 schien überschattet von Randalen, Hooligan-Ausschreitungen und Pyrotechnikeinsatz. So rückten unter anderem Spiele wie das DFB-Pokalspiel BFC Dynamo vs.FC Kaiserslautern, BVB Dortmund vs. SG Dynamo Dresden, aber auch die Spiele der 2. Bundesliga FC Hansa Rostock vs. FC St. Pauli und Eintracht Frankfurt vs. SG Dynamo Dresden in den Fokus der Öffentlichkeit. In den Medien wurde wiederholt über Zwischenfälle berichtet, allerdings zeichnete sich ein Großteil dieser Berichte durch Unwissenheit der Autoren aus. Dort wurde friedlicher, stimmungsfördernder Einsatz von Bengalischen Lichtern (Bengalos genannt), welcher seit den 1970er Jahren im Stadion vorherrscht und früher gern als Werbemittel genutzt wurde, mit schlimmsten Ausschreitung zwischen verfeindeten Hooligan-Gruppen gleichgesetzt. Ultras, die wohl größten Fans eines Fußballclubs, wurden als Chaoten dargestellt und das moderne Eventpublikum, welches sich kaum für den Club einsetzt und interessiert, als „echte Fans“ dargestellt. Ebenso stigmatisiert wie die Ultras, wurden die Hooligans. Auf dem ersten Blick scheinen sie sich wirklich kaum für den Sport zu interessieren, doch beschäftigt man sich näher mit der Kultur, bemerkt man, dass sie ein Leben für den Club leben. Dass die Hooligan-Kultur keineswegs nur hohl ist, sich hinter ihr eine ganze Subkultur befindet, mit klaren sozialen Strukturen und Hierarchien, wird jedoch selten vermittelt. Es ist auch nicht leicht zu verstehen, wenn man sich mit der Materie nicht weiter beschäftigt. Doch genau das tat ich. Ich hielt in der 9.Klasse einen Vortrag über die Unterschiede von Hooligans und Ultras, in der 10.Klasse einen Kurzvortrag über den Film Green Street Hooligans und in meiner PibF wurden Verbindungen zwischen Neonazi-Szene und Hooligan-Kultur gezogen. In der 13. Klasse schließlich berichtete ich in meiner 5.Pk detailliert über die Hooliganszene. Dazu las ich auch eine Diplomarbeit über dieses Thema. Nachdem ich also theoretisch in die Materie Hooliganismus eintauchte, stellte ich fest, dass das Bild der Hooligans in der Öffentlichkeit einfach nicht objektiv ist. Deshalb bin ich froh, dass es Filme wie Green Street Hooligans, Ultra - blutiger Samstag und Football Factory gibt, die versuchen die Subkultur der Hooligans zu verstehen und diese den Zuschauern näher zu bringen. Um den meiner Meinung nach besten Film, Green Street Hooligans, soll es deshalb vor allem filmdramaturgisch in dieser Hausarbeit gehen.
From the #1 Essence bestselling and award-winning author Victoria Christopher Murray comes Stand Your Ground, a novel about two women who are faced with the same tragedy. A black teenage boy is dead. A white man shot him. Was he standing his ground or was it murder? Janice Johnson is living every black mother’s nightmare. Her seventeen-year-old son was murdered and the shooter has not been arrested. Can the D.A. and the police be trusted to investigate and do the right thing? Should Janice take advantage of the public outcry and join her husband alongside the angry protestors who are out for revenge? Meredith Spencer is married to the man accused of the killing and she sees her husband and the situation with far more clarity than anyone realizes. What she knows could blow the case wide open, but what will that mean for her life and that of her son? Will she have the courage to come forward in time so that justice can be done? #1 national bestselling and award-winning author Victoria Christopher Murray’s Stand Your Ground is a pulse-pounding meditation on race, motherhood, marriage, and vigilante justice that will have readers spellbound until its shocking end.
National bestselling authors William W. Johnstone and J.A. Johnstone know what it takes to fight for the red, white and blue. When the battleground is Texas, the outcome is sure to be explosive. . . Freedom Is Never Free After the President closes Guantanamo Bay to hold civilian trials for the terrorists, some of them are relocated to Hell's Gate Prison in West Texas. Until a group of fanatical sleeper-cell shock troops launch an all-out assault to "liberate" their jailed comrades. There's just one problem: they don't know that Army Ranger Lucas Kincaid is working at Hell's Gate. With the town's high school team held hostage and in danger of being executed one by one, Kincaid assembles a ragtag band of survivors and aging hardcore cons into a lethal fighting force to keep the unholy warriors from their deadly mission. And Kincaid and his men are on their own--everyone, from the President on down, orders Kincaid to give in to the terrorists' demands. But warrior Lucas Kincaid, out-numbered and out-gunned, won't back down. One thing's for sure: when the enemy gets to Hell, they'll know America sent them.
My freshman year of college was a battle, writes Katie, a college student and a strong Christian. The transition from high school to college is one of the most pivotal times in a young person's life. After departing from under the protective wings of their parents, young adults often have trouble holding firm to the Christian faith. 'Stand Your Ground' is an introduction to apologetics for young adults in high school or college. The book includes thirteen chapters that confront the overwhelming intellectual attacks Christian college students face on university campuses. Dean Hardy takes readers on a spiritual and intellectual journey, addressing such issues as the nature of truth and reality, the investigation of other worldviews, the evidence for Christianity, critics' arguments against Christianity, and the relationship between apologetics and evangelism.
There is only one Kevin Sheedy, a man who occupies a unique position in Australian sport – plumber, self-described grubby little back-pocket, legendary coach, master strategist, mad professor, raconteur, and world-wide promoter of the game of Australian Rules. Stand Your Ground is his life story, and it's everything you'd expect from the most surprising, most interesting and most innovative man in AFL. Stand Your Ground is a journey from the working-class heart of Melbourne to every corner of Australia and beyond, including those well-known football outposts: Dublin, Kentucky and the Beverly Wilshire in Hollywood, a trip that only Kevin Sheedy could take. From his descriptions of a young boy growing up in the inner suburbs of Melbourne in the 1950s, through to his playing days at Richmond and his ground-breaking 27 years as coach of Essendon, and finally to his commitment to take Australia's own game to the world, Sheeds' book is passionate, erudite, colourful, funny and controversial. It is a work of history, memoir and sporting drama as fascinating and multi-faceted as the man himself.

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